How to Create a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Minecraft has two main worlds: the Overworld and the Nether, which is a kind of parallel dimension where other types of creatures live and the dangers are greater. Getting in is not so easy but not impossible either. Discover and learn how to create a Nether Portal in Minecraft.

what is the nether

What is the Nether?

The Overworld is the name given to Minecraft’s main world, where players live their lives and carry out their constructions. In addition to it, we have the Nether, which is a dimension filled with darkness and lava, as if it were a representation of “hell” within the game. But the Nether is free to pass, as long as the player builds a portal to cross and travel between the two worlds.

Nether Operation

Before knowing how to enter the Nether, it is necessary to know how everything works there. First, it’s good to understand that there are creatures inside that are different from those found in the Overworld.

Nether creatures are:

  • Blaze: A living, flying fire that attacks with projectiles
  • Ghast, a flying creature that attacks with projectiles
  • Magma Cube, a slime made of lava that attacks by jumping
  • Wither Skeleton, Aggressive Skeletons with Swords
  • Zombie Pigman is a neutral zombie that only attacks when attacked

creatures nether minecraft

Each of these creatures can be a major threat to the player, even neutral ones.

How to Enter the Nether

To enter the Nether the player needs to build a portal. The portal is made of Obsidian cubes and something to create fire, like a flint and steel.

With these materials in hand, do the following:

  1. Collect 10 Obsidian;
  2. Place at least 10 Obsidian cubes in the shape of a door (with base, roof, and sides);
  3. When you’re done assembling, use the flint and steel in front of the door to make the portal open.

nether portal

It is worth remembering that Obsidian cubes are obtained after mixing water with lava, so they are rare. Another important point is that “10 cubes” is a minimum number. The portal can have more, as long as I respect the structure of a door.

More About the Nether

The Nether is a place full of dangers and lava, yes, but it’s also useful. Every eight map tiles within the Nether is equivalent to 64 tiles in the Overworld.

That is, walking inside the Nether makes you walk a much greater distance in the Overworld, in case you create another exit portal. Thus, its main function is to move quickly around the map.

Also, one last tip: never sleep in the Nether, or even take a bed to this dimension. Sleeping on the spot causes the player character to automatically explode and lose their items.

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