How to Install Texture in Minecraft


Learning how to texture Minecraft can be what you needed to make your game even more fun. After all, texture packs are part of the additional content options that give a “new face” to all blocks and items in the game. Most of them are community developed and posted on Minecraft forums. So players can download and install them for free.

Therefore, on the internet, there are several sites that are referenced when it comes to textures in Minecraft. To install a texture, just download its files folder (in .ZIP or .RAR format) and copy it to the “resourcepacks” folder in the Minecraft directory. In addition, you can also access the directory through a shortcut in the game. In this article, see how to place textures!

  1. Go to the Planet Minecraft website (Web);
  2. When you find an interesting texture, tap “Download”;
  3. With the texture folder downloaded, open Minecraft ;
  4. On the game’s homepage, click on “Options”;
  5. Next, click on “Resource Packs”;
  6. On this page, you will find all textures available in Minecraft;
  7. Then just click on “Open Package Folder”, paste the downloaded folder and extract it.
  8. On the Minecraft screen, just click on the new texture to select it in the game.

resource pack minecraft

If the textures are not recognized in .ZIP or .RAR format, click the button right on them and tap “Extract here” to turn them into folders, so Minecraft will instantly recognize that there are new textures available.


install texture pack minecraft

Something important also to note is the texture version compatibility. Through Minecraft Launcher, you can change the game version if you want to enjoy a texture compatible with older versions for play online with your friends. So, you can enjoy it to its best potential in Minecraft. Did you like this tip? Share this story with your friends!


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