How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Who likes to innovate in the constructions of Minecraft has certainly used wool to have more colorful places. However, the material is flammable and is easily destroyed. There is an alternative: concrete. The block is more resistant and even more beautiful to be used in your creations.

Although it has a longer manufacturing process than wool blocks, concrete yields more and will still leave your home more protected. To help you with this task, Redstone Games has created a very simple tutorial on how to make concrete in Minecraft.

Where to find sand and gravel

First, you will need to obtain blocks of sand and gravel. Both materials are often found in rivers and on the coasts of the seas, both on the ground and on rocky shores. In addition to these places, you find sand in deserts (obviously) and gravel in the interior of mountains as well.

find sand and gravel minecraft

How to make dyes

Items to dye concrete and other Minecraft objects come from many different sources. Although most are based on flowers, there are others that are generated from cooking, and others are just transformed on the menu or on the countertop. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Get a flower, item, or raw material block from your dye;
  2. Open the inventory, access the workbench or furnace that will do the process;
  3. In the case of the flowers, ink bag, and bone, just place them in one of the squares and the dyes will be available. In the case of cooking items, place the item in the upper left square and fuel in the lower. The dye will come out in the space on the right.

how to make dyes

How to make concrete powder

With your favorite dye, sand, and gravel at hand, it’s time to make the base of the desired concrete: the concrete powder.

  1. Set apart four blocks of sand, four blocks of gravel, and coloring of your choice;
  2. Access the workbench and place items in any position;
  3. Done that, you will have the eight blocks of “Concrete Powder”.

how to make concrete powder

How to turn concrete powder into concrete

Of all the processes so far, this is the simplest. To turn concrete powder into concrete, simply wet it, either using a bucket of water and pouring it over them or simply placing it in a place with water. Just put the two in touch and you’re done.

how to turn concrete powder into concrete

How to break concrete without losing

After the whole process, it is common for some unsuspecting players to break the cinder block and lose it. To avoid this, just mine the concrete with a pickaxe of any material. The pickaxe recipe is simple, but if you don’t remember how to make it, just follow the steps:

  1. Collect logs and process them into wooden planks;
  2. Use the planks to produce sticks, you will need two;
  3. Separate three wooden boards, boulder, iron bar, gold bar, or diamond;
  4. On the workbench, place the two sticks vertically and the chosen ores horizontally, forming a “T”.

how to break concrete without losing

What are the colors of concrete and its dyes?

In all, it is possible to make 16 different colors of concrete. Just change the paint that is mixed with the sand and gravel.

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