How to make the End Portal in Minecraft

Everything comes to an end, even in Minecraft. To access the “game closure” in the adventure, you must enter the End Portal, which is usually found in specific locations and can only be produced in certain aspects. Learn how to make the End Portal in Minecraft and other tips.

how to make the end portal in minecraft

What is the portal?

The End Portal is nothing more than the passage to The End, another dimension within the world of Minecraft, which gives access to the end of the game – featuring the fight against the Dragon of Ender.

It is the only way into The End, and once crossed, the portal does not allow return unless the player character dies or defeats the dragon.

How to make the end portal in Minecraft

And now things start to get complicated. It is not possible to do the End Portal in Minecraft’s Survival mode, only in Creative. This is because of the challenge of finding the portal itself.

To explain better: the End Portal, inside Survival, is found inside Strongholds, which in turn are difficult structures to find and beat, since there are several rooms, with numerous enemies and traps.

ender dragon

When found in a Stronghold, the End Portal is made up of a structure of green blocks, on top of a pedestal. You still need 12 Enderman Eyes to activate and traverse.

It is worth remembering that Eyes of Enderman are obtained when we defeat the creatures known as Enderman, normally found when the game gets dark.

In Creative

In Creative Mode, there is a recipe for making the End Portal. The player needs to choose the following ingredients:

  • 12 End Portal Blocks
  • 12 Enderman Eyes

Next, it is necessary to position the blocks and the eyes inside the blocks in a proportion of 3×3 squares, in the exact format that the image below suggests:

end portal

The portal will be activated and the player will be able to access The End even in Creative mode. It is worth remembering that, while it is inactive, the portal has nothing filled in the middle. When active, blocks of darkness appear to confirm that the passage to The End is feasible

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