How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft – Guide

Foxes are some of the many animals that are present in Minecraft, scattered in nature, and that can be “captured” by players, in a certain way. The task is not so simple and differs a little from other animals. Learn how to tame a fox in Minecraft.

Foxes in the Game

Foxes are mobs, that is, creatures within the game controlled by the computer. They are wild animals with pre-defined behavior that can be attacked or tamed by the player – but there’s a catch there. They are usually found in the traditional color, orange, but it is also possible that they come in white, depending on where they appear.

fox sleep

And where do they appear?

Well, foxes are some of the hardest mobs to find in Minecraft. They usually live only in biomes, environments, of taiga (orange foxes) or nevada taiga (white foxes). And the Taiga, for those who don’t know, are environments with coniferous trees, or simply large trees, within Minecraft. It is common to find groups of two to four foxes together.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

It turns out that it’s not so simple to tame foxes in the game. While with other animals you just need to put on a lasso and feed them some of their favorite foods, with foxes none of this works. Let’s say they are rebels. In fact, you need to breed a new fox by crossing two other wild foxes. Only the one that has been generated can be tamed.

fox breed

To spawn a new fox you will need:

  • Two other foxes together;
  • Some Sweet Berries.

With that in hand, just feed the two foxes and wait for them to generate the cub. The new fox will be born loyal to the player, but will still walk along with the others. It is still necessary to keep her away from the pack, to make her 100% loyal.

freshly hatched fox

But from there the task is quite simple, you just need to have a noose/rope in your inventory and use it to pull the fox away. When she distances herself from the pack, she will be focused only on the player character and will follow through the rest of the map, just like cats and wolves.

The big challenge, in this case, is to find foxes to create the mating. It is necessary to be patient and search in different places, according to the indicated biomes.

Bonus Items

Also, know that a new fox spawn can already be born carrying a gift item for its creator. The items and possibilities are as follows:

  • Emerald – 5%
  • Rabbit’s foot – 10%
  • Rabbit Skin – 10%
  • This – 15%
  • Wheat – 20%
  • Leather – 20%
  • Penalty – 20%

Percentages apply to Java or Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

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