How to get saddles in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players believe that it is possible to make saddles in the game. However, this possibility was removed a long time

How to get saddles in Minecraft

So how can we get saddles to ride horses and pigs and move faster around the map There are currently a few ways available


The simplest way is fishing. With the rod, keep casting the bait in the rivers and seas.


The artisan villagers, who offer leather goods, can offer the saddle. The player has a 50% chance of finding such a character and will need 6 emeralds to trade

Epic Buildings

Check out locations with chests that may contain saddles: Dungeon, Desert and Forest Temples, Fortress and Nether Fortress, End City, Ruined Bastion, and Village.


When you defeat an enemy, it drops items. So, eliminating enemies and other characters that have a saddle gives them chances to drop the players equipment.

How to get saddles in Minecraft

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