EssentialGUI Mod for Minecraft 1.19.4 – 1.18.2 – Fabric

Are you looking for a mod that can make your Minecraft gameplay more enjoyable and convenient? Look no further than EssentialGUI! Developed by a Minecraft fan as a personal project, this small mod adds visual elements that can make a significant difference in your experience.

What is EssentialGUI?

EssentialGUI is a mod for Minecraft that adds various visual elements to the game, such as on-screen equipment displays, advanced player stats and pointed block and entity information. It also includes features such as client, player, and world information, extended item tooltip information, and warnings for low health, hunger, and oxygen.

Main Features

  • On-screen equipment displays that show armor and hands equipment
  • Advanced player stats that include XP, health, attack, and enchantment protection factor values
  • Pointed block and entity information that provides info and advanced properties of any pointed block or entity
  • Extended item tooltip information that includes food stats, advanced item durability, and item penalty level
  • Warnings for low health, hunger, and oxygen, as well as time since the last rest
  • Advanced furnace status and fuel stats, and a bucket of Axolotl and tropical fish item variants

How to Use EssentialGUI

To use EssentialGUI, you need to have Fabric Loader and Fabric API installed. Once you have installed those, you can download EssentialGUI and add them to your Minecraft mods folder. In-game, you can access EssentialGUI’s main menu by pressing the F12 key. From there, you can customize the mod’s various features and settings.

Why Choose EssentialGUI?

EssentialGUI is an excellent choice for players who want to enhance their Minecraft gameplay experience. Its visual elements can make it much easier to monitor your equipment and stats, and its advanced features can help you get more out of your game. Whether you are an experienced or novice player, EssentialGUI can be a valuable tool to help you enjoy Minecraft even more.

Download EssentialGUI Mod for Minecraft Fabric

Download EssentialGUI today and experience the ultimate in-game visual enhancement. This small yet powerful mod adds a range of features, from displaying specific stats for your gear and entities to on-screen warnings for low health and hunger. With EssentialGUI, you’ll have access to advanced player stats, furnace and smelting information, and much more. So why wait? Head to the Fabric Loader and Fabric API requirements, and start your download now to enhance your Minecraft adventures.