Lootr Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 – 1.19.2 – Forge and Fabric

Lootr Mod for Minecraft. If you’re a Minecraft player, you’ve probably spent hours exploring the vast world generated by the game. However, sometimes finding treasure can be a difficult task, especially if other players have been through the same area before you. Fortunately, the Lootr mod can help solve this problem.

What is Lootr?

Lootr is a mod for Minecraft that adds new treasure chests to the game. Each chest is unique and contains a random set of items. Also, when you open a chest, it creates a unique inventory for each player that opens it. This means that you will never find items that other players have left behind in a treasure chest.

lootr mod for minecraft forge and fabric 2

How does Lootr work?

Lootr adds random and permanent treasure chests around the Minecraft world. These chests will always have loot, even if they are constantly emptied by players. All players on a server will find loot in these chests. These chests will look different than standard chests, so you won’t have a problem identifying them.

lootr mod for minecraft forge and fabric 3

What is the purpose of Lootr?

Lootr’s goal is to make the game fairer and more balanced for all players. Previously, finding treasures could have been a matter of luck, as other players could have looted the chests before you did. With Lootr, every player has a chance to find valuable and unique treasures.

Additionally, Lootr encourages players to exploit existing structures rather than spawn new chunks, thereby reducing the size of the world. That’s great for game performance and the environment!


Lootr is an amazing addition to the world of Minecraft, making the game fairer and more exciting for all players. With random and permanent treasure chests, you never know what you might find as you explore the world. So what are you waiting for? Download Lootr today and start discovering Minecraft’s lost treasures!

Download Lootr Mod for Minecraft Fabric and Forge