Medieval Furniture Addon MCPE (Minecraft Bedrock)

This Medieval Furniture Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE) is a great way to add a touch of medieval charm to your Minecraft world. With over 50 pieces of furniture, you can create an entire castle full of furniture to complete your medieval build. Medieval Furniture Addon includes tables, chairs, beds, benches, and more.

You can also craft a variety of decoration blocks to make your castle look even more authentic. The addon is perfect for anyone looking to create a realistic medieval world in Minecraft.

Medieval Furniture Addon features several new blocks made from all different types of wood and is compatible with other texture packs. All models are 3D, and some Minecraft textures were used for some of the blocks. They can beautify various areas of their medieval houses using these blocks.

The addon works on version 1.19.20 / 1.19.30 and later versions. (You can test the addon on older versions, but some blocks will not work properly.)

To get the blocks in creative you have to use the command / function medieval_house. And the next house will be generated with all the blocks inside.

medieval furniture addon house

Medieval Furniture Addon Screenshots

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Installation Medieval Furniture Addon MCPE

Open the behavior pack and the resource pack with Minecraft. Then activate the experimental game and activate it in your world.

medieval furniture addon installation

Download Medieval Furniture Addon MCPE