Small Ships Mod for Minecraft (1.19.3 – 1.18.2) Fabric and Forge

If you are a fan of Minecraft and love to explore new horizons, then you will love the Small Ships Mod. This mod adds a variety of new ships and boats to the game, allowing you to sail the seas and transport resources and entities in style.

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How does the Small Ships Mod work?

With the Small Ships Mod, you can build three sizes of sailboats: small, medium, and large. Each of these sailboats offers greater capacity for transporting objects and entities than standard Minecraft ships. Also, you can customize your ships with different blocks and items, making them unique.

The mod also adds new features such as working anchors, ship-to-ship combat, and the ability to board and take control of other ships. All this offers a realistic sailing experience, with realistic sounds and the feeling of actually sailing the seas.

What are the ships available?

There are several variants of ships that can be built using different recipes. Each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for different types of transport. The ships available in the mod are:

  • Cog
  • Crowd
  • War gang
  • Longship
  • Rowing boat
  • Brigg
  • Dhow
  • WIP Ship
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How to use the Small Ships Mod?

To use the Small Ships Mod, you need to use Fabric or Forge.

Once installed, you can start building your own ships. To do so, just follow the recipes corresponding to the type of ship you want to build. After building the ship, you can place items and entities in its compartments and start sailing.

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The Small Ships Mod offers a new dimension for Minecraft players who love exploration and adventure. Sail the seas, transport resources and entities, fight against other ships, and have fun with this amazing mod. Try it right now and discover everything it has to offer!

Download Small Ships Mod for Fabric and Forge

📦 Small Ships Fabric 1.19 📦 Small Ships Fabric 1.18 📦 Small Ships Forge 1.17 📦 Small Ships Forge 1.16.5