Adventure Loot Table Data Pack Minecraft Java

The Adventure Loot Table Data Pack is a data pack created for players who like to play while traveling around the world. The animals and enemies will drop enough items for you to survive, even without sleep. This data pack does not remove any original drops but replaces raw meat with cooked meat. New drops have a 20% to 40% chance of happening. In addition, there is a function called Trail, which leaves a trail wherever the player walks, replacing the grass with dirt.


Trail function. It leaves a trail wherever it walks, replacing grass with dirt.

Function Trail

  • /function adventure_loot:trail
  • /function adventure_loot:trail_off

Loot Table

Bonus Chest:

iron_axe, iron_pickaxe, spyglass, cooked_salmon, arrow, bow


  • Chicken: cooked_chicken
  • Cow: Leather boots, leather chestplate, leather helmet, leather leggings, cooked beef
  • Sheep: cooked_mutton
  • Pig: cooked_porkchop
  • Rabbit: cooked rabbit, strong leaping potion
  • Frog: froglight, strong leaping potion
  • Polar Bear: strength potion
  • Horse: 1-2 cooked beef, swiftness potion
  • Squid: potion speed
  • Bat: long night vision
  • Glow Squid: night vision (50% chance)


  • Zombie: potion healing, apple
  • Skeleton: arrow (1 to 3), potion swiftness, bones
  • Spider: potion strong leaping, potion healing
  • Creeper: potion strength, experience bottle (1 to 2), honey_bottle, potion strong regeneration
  • Enderman: ender pearl (1 to 3), potion strong regeneration, 1-2 Obsidian
  • Pillager: arrow (1 to 3), iron nugget (1 to 3), gold nugget (1 to 3), iron ingot, gold ingot
  • Vindicator: strong regeneration, 1-2 emerald
  • Drowned: water breathing (40% chance)
  • Husk: potion healing (30% chance)
  • Stray: 1-3 arrows, 1-1 slowness arrows, swiftness potion, bow
  • Evoker: 1-3 Emerald, strong regeneration potion or 2-3 experience bottle or 1-2 obsidian

Some recent changes include:

  • Update v1.0.1: Decreased drops, chances of dropping speed potions for squids, zombies can drop apples, loot table for Husk added, bones are drops from skeletons again, and automatic glass bottle cleaning function.
  • Update v1.0.2: 1.18 version support, bats drop night vision potion, glowing squid drop night vision potion (1.17-1.18 only), squids drop breath potion underwater, and drowned drop breath potion underwater.
  • Update v1.0.3: Increased drops of pork, mutton, and beef.
  • Update v1.0.4: support version 1.19

Update v1.0.5

  • Zombies, husks, skeletons, and pillagers, can drop emerald
  • replaced regular potion with a splash potion
  • added potion of regeneration to a skeleton
  • added flint to a skeleton
  • spider: replaced the jumping potion with a healing potion
  • bat: replaced long night vision potion with normal
  • function trails turned off by default

Update v1.0.6

Update Minecraft 1.20 – 1.20.1 compatibility.

Update v1.0.7

Update Minecraft 1.20.4 compatibility.

Download Adventure Loot Table Data Pack

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