White Leaves/Grass in Snow Biomes – Winter Foliage

This texture pack changes the colors of leaves and plants in snow biomes to shades of white.

Requires Optifine to work.

Download Optifine

Changed textures:

  • spruce leaves
  • grass
  • grass block
  • fern
  • large fern
  • sweet berry
  • dandelion
  • poppy

Next step:

  • improve colors
  • more textures

Update v1.0.2

  • Added variations for grass
  • Added variations for fern
  • Added variations for large fern
  • Changed texture to grass block

Download White Leaves/Grass Texture Pack

Download “White Leaves-Grass in Snow Texture Pack”

White-Leaves-Grass-Snow-Biomes-v1.0.2.zip – Downloaded 3480 times – 282.64 KB