Beds for Minecraft Bedrock – Çırak’s Better Beds v2

Custom Beds for Minecraft Bedrock. Tired of the usual boring bed? So this pack is for you! This pack replaces the old bed modeling with a nicer model. This new bed model adds headboards and 16 new colored models based on some of the game’s mobs.

cama de peixe minecraft pe

cama de zombie minecraft


camas para minecraft bedrock Çırak's better beds

Download addon Çırak’s Better Beds

On the link below you can access the addon’s official website.

Download the Cirak’sBetterBedsv2.mcpack file.

Double click on the file to install. This will open Minecraft and install automatically.


Activating Çırak’s Better Beds addon

1 – To activate the addon in your world, click on settings of the world you want to activate.

2 – Click on Texture Packs as in the image below.

instalar1 cirak'sbetterbedsv2


3 – Choose the addon Cirak’sBetterBedsv2 and click the activate button.

instalar2 cirak'sbetterbedsv2

4 – Now just start your world.