Camel Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE) 1.19/1.20

Camel is the new mob announced, to arrive in version 1.20 of Minecraft Bedrock and Java. But with Camel Addon created by Vevoxel Raptor, you can already test this mob in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

The model, texture, and animations of this camel are very good. And it looks a lot like the original model created by Mojang.

camel addon 01

You can find the camel, walking in the desert, or lying near some village in the desert. You can feed it carrots.

To guide the camel while sitting on it, you need to put on a saddle. With the saddle on the camel, it is possible to seat up to 2 players.

camel addon 03

This camel is kind of stubborn, and it can change direction on its own. It is not necessary to use the jump, because the camel jumps by itself, when necessary.

Demo Video

Download Camel Addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

Creator Link – Link in Video Description

Installation Camel Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

camel addon 04

Download the *.mcaddon file.
Install in your Minecraft by double-clicking on the file
In your world settings, enable the camel addon behavior pack and resource pack.
Start your world and just search for the camel in the desert.