Craftable Tents (quick base) Data Pack

This Datapack adds quick tent bases into Minecraft.
There is no Texture Pack required.

Drop 32x oak planks, 8x white wool, and 4x cobblestone on the same spot to craft a tent.

When you get your tent hold it in your main hand, and you will see an outline of where the tent will be. Once satisfied, drop the tent. You can now walk around and look if it will be placed correctly. In chat, you can set up the tent by pressing on yes.

craftable tents data pack 2

How to install:
Copy the Zip-File into you worlds Datapack folder (world folders can be found under “C:Users’username’AppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves”)

In the game you might have to type in the command “/reload”
When activated you’ll see a message in chat.

Download Craftable Tents Data Pack