Farmer’s Delight Mod for Minecraft (1.17.1 to 1.19.2)

Farmer’s Delight Mod (1.17.1 to 1.19.2) for Minecraft Java introduces new mechanics early in the game, like new tools, new resources, and lots of food. It includes knives, which are gathering tools that allow players to obtain more plant and animal resources. Straw, a useful material for building and composting, and wild plants that grow in the wild and can be used to start a farm.

The mod also includes compost piles, which can be used to make fertile soil, and kitchen pots, where players can prepare and store a wide variety of meals using various ingredients.

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farmer’s delight mod cooking

Benefits of the Farmer’s Delight Mod:

  • New tools like knives allow you to get more resources from animals and plants.
  • Additional materials like straw and rope are useful for building and composting.
  • More diverse and tasty food, with new recipes and ingredients.
  • Improved farming and cooking mechanics such as using compost and cooking tools.
  • Workstations in Farmer’s Delight for more advanced food preparation and cooking.


farmer’s delight mod cooking pot

Cooking Pot: A cooking pot that allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, such as soup, stew, and rice. It can also be used to make different foods.

Skillet: A frying pan that allows you to cook food faster than using a normal furnace. It is ideal for cooking eggs, meat, and fish.

Stove: A stove that allows you to cook food with greater precision and quantity. You can extinguish the stove using a shovel or a bucket of water.

Cutting Board: A cutting board that allows you to cut and prepare food more efficiently. It is useful for preparing ingredients for cooking and can also be used to obtain additional resources such as bone meals and other items.


farmer’s delight mod knife
  • Knife: A tool item that allows you to cut fruits and vegetables more precisely and efficiently. It can also be used to prepare meat and fish.
  • Drinks: Several new drink items, including milk and juices, can be prepared using ingredients found in the game. They provide health benefits.
  • Pet Food: New pet-specific food, such as horse and dog food, can be prepared using ingredients found in the game. They help keep your pets healthy and happy.


farmer’s delight mod storage

Farmer’s Delight is a farming mod that adds new items and blocks to the game, allowing players to explore new ways to grow and cook their crops.

The following blocks were added by the Farmer’s Delight mod: Rope, Basket, Rich Soil, Wild Crops, Mushroom Colony, and Feast.

The Rope is a decorative block that can be used to craft ropes and suspensions. It can be crafted using straw and is easily obtained with a grass knife.

The Basket is a decorative container that can be used to store items. It’s a great choice for storing harvested food and can be placed in a variety of positions, as well as double as a funnel, catching items thrown into its entrance.

Rich Soil is a special type of soil ideal for growing plants. It can be produced by mixing soil with straw or organic compost and is a great way to increase the productivity of your crops.

Wild Crops are natural, uncultivated forms of crops that grow in the wild. They occasionally spawn in different biomes and climates and can be broken to obtain seeds or plants. Sometimes they can also give edible fruit.

Mushroom Colonies are fertile clusters of mushroom growths that are easier to cultivate. They need to be planted in rich soil and in sufficient darkness to grow. They can be broken with any tool to pick the mushrooms or cut with scissors to get the entire colony.

Feasts are very large meals that can be placed as a block to provide players with multiple servings. They are not directly edible as an item; they must be placed first. When placed, players can use them with bowls to help themselves to a consumable portion.


Farmer’s Delight for Minecraft adds some new effects to the game. See what they do and how to get them.


When consuming meals considered soups or stews, players will gain the Comfort effect for a variable amount of time.

Comfort makes players immune to Colds (Slow) and Disease (Hunger and Weakness). When first applied, these effects are immediately removed from the player and cannot be reapplied in any way (not even with commands) until Comfort expires.


When consuming large meals (plates), players will receive the Nourishment effect for a variable amount of time.

Nourishment prevents players from losing hunger or satiety through exhausting actions such as running, jumping, and attacking mobs. This effectively extends the hunger bar beyond its satiety limit, delaying the moment when players need to eat again.

This effect completely negates the effect of Hunger, as it is its polar opposite.

Download Farmer’s Delight for Minecraft Fabric and Forge

If you are a passionate Minecraft player and want an even more realistic and immersive experience, the Farmer’s Delight mod is a great choice. With its wide range of new items and foods, tools, and resources, this mod will transform your gameplay and make your world even more interesting.

Furthermore, the mod is easy to install and use, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. Don’t waste any more time and download Farmer’s Delight for Fabric or Forge right now to enjoy an even better gaming experience!