Farmer’s Delight Mod for Minecraft (1.18.2, 1.17.1)

Farmer’s Delight Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1) implements into the game a great number of recipes, which is ready to assure the players of an overall improved farming and cooking system. It provides warmth sources, compost activators, new seeds, foods, recipes & knife compatibility.

The kitchen is the place this mod shines and gives you some extra creativity in turning into an actual Minecraft chef. It features very similar to a crafting table. Each cooked dish may even give a buff of comfort or nourishment on top of restoring your hunger meter.

farmer’s delight mod cooking

The first two things you should craft are a knife and a stove. For the lowest tier of the knife, you only need a stick and one flint. A knife is not only a decent weapon for killing animals it guarantees you secondary drops like feathers or leather. Or in the case of pigs, you can get the ham. If you cut grass, wheat, or rice, there is a chance that you get straw with which you can make a whole bunch of useful things.

farmer’s delight mod knife

Farmer’s Delight Mod adds in nine different types of wild crops. Cabbage and seaweed can be found on beaches, while rice grows in swamps and jungles, and tomato wines spawn in deserts. Onions and carrots can be found in tempered biomes.

Click the cooking pot to convey up the grid where you can add as many as six ingredients per recipe. This is where you can even make a selection of stews or pasta dishes or rice dishes from your newly harvested crops.

farmer’s delight mod cooking pot

The cutting board may even let you slice off portions of your food to be added to your stews or to make sandwiches and burgers. Then you can take these slices and mix them with bread and veggies to make chicken sandwiches or hamburgers or even mutton wraps.  Simply place your meat or vegetable on the slicing board and grab the knife you crafted earlier to start chopping. You’ll be given a few items and if it’s chicken or fish you’ll also receive some bonemeal.

Farmer’s Delight Mod additionally adds pantry storage along with the power to stack your veggies into crates.

farmer’s delight mod storage

Simply place 9 of them in a grid and you’ll get trendy crates to embellish your kitchens with. And the pantries can maintain 27 gadgets that come in quite a lot of wooden kinds to fit any aesthetic. This mod additionally makes all crops grow in the wild like cabbage, onions, and tomatoes that will allow you to start a farm by foraging however you can even find these wild crops in village houses and shipwrecks.

Download Farmer’s Delight Mod for Minecraft (1.18.2, 1.17.1)

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