10 Minecraft Fountain Ideas – How to make

10 Fountain Ideas for Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that is all about creativity and building. You can build anything you can imagine, and sometimes the best thing to build is a fountain. Here are 10 ideas for Minecraft fountains that will make your world look even more beautiful.

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How to make a Fountain in Minecraft

Minecraft is filled with beautiful customizable items. One of the most popular ones is gardens and courtyards that you can create by building fountains for them! Failing all else, these will always look great no matter where they’re placed because even more complicated designs often use quartz or glass as well glowstone which provides light on its own if added into your design- making it perfect not just nighttime entertainment but also day.

10 Minecraft Water Fountain Ideas

Looking to add a bit of flair to your Minecraft world? A fountain is a perfect way to do just that! In this blog post, we’ll show you 10 ideas on how to build a fountain in Minecraft. With just a few blocks and some water, you can create a beautiful and functional fountain that will enhance your world for years to come. So let’s get started!

1 – Minecraft Simple Fountain

1 minecraft simple fountain

This simple fountain is easy to create in any game mode. Only with stone brick and water you can make this fountain quickly. Distribute the stone bricks almost forming a circle, as shown in the image. In the center add a few more stone bricks and finally add the water.

2 – Minecraft Small Fountain

2 minecraft small fountain

This small fountain has a more beautiful design than the previous one, but it is still very simple. Add stone brick stairs on the sides, drill a hole inside the fountain to make it deeper. In the center, you will have to place stone brick stairs varying their position. You can also add some flowers around the fountain to make it more beautiful.

3 – Minecraft Frog Fountain

3 minecraft frog fountain

The frog fountain blends in very well with wetlands. If you’re not in a wetland, you can create an area with water first and then make a fountain. Create a base for your font using any black block you like. To make the frog you must use stairs, stone blocks, and andesite blocks. Correctly position the stairs to make the mouth. And add water inside the frog to create an effect simulating the frog’s tongue.

4 – Minecraft Statue Fountain

4 minecraft statue fountain

The statue fountain is very beautiful. But it’s not difficult to create. Start by making a square base of 8 blocks on each side, 2 blocks high. You can vary these blocks with stone brick stairs, stones, and andesite. To create the statue, use stone blocks and andesite. Stairs to make the knee and feet. Finish by putting water in the highest hand and some plants nearby.

5 – Minecraft Medieval Fountain

5 minecraft medieval fountain

The medieval fountain is simple, but with a more rustic design. Use cobblestone to make the base and center of the fountain. Drill a hole inside to give the fountain more depth. In the center complete with cobblestone stairs in two layers. Add water and you’re done.

6 – Minecraft Flower Fountain

6 minecraft water fountain

The water fountain with flowers will make your fountain very beautiful. Use stone bricks to make the base of the fountain. On the inside of the base, add grass blocks where the flowers will be added. In the middle, use a stone brick wall and create two layers of stone bricks to make the design more attractive. Finish by adding the water.

7 – Minecraft Modern Fountain

9 minecraft modern fountain

The modern fountain can be made using sandstone blocks, or quartz blocks. The fountain could be a little more complex, it’s also fancier. Start by creating the center by raising blocks that are 3 x 3 wide. Remove the blocks from the center of this square to create the water channel. At the base, complete with rectangles and squares. Add water to the rectangles and squares.

8 – Minecraft Quartz Fountain

8 minecraft multi tier fountain

This example of a quartz fountain is also combined with stone blocks and cobblestone. First, start by making the big base by mixing the stone blocks between cobblestone. On the first layer, just above the base, use stone stairs, as shown in the image. Build the center of the fountain by mixing the blocks between stone and quartz. Adds water to all areas shown in the image. On the outside of the base, add leaf blocks smoothing the base circle.

9 – Minecraft Illuminated Fountain

7 minecraft spudetti fountain

The illuminated fountain will leave a very elegant atmosphere not only during the day but also at night. This design is a little more complex, but the result is excellent. To make the base, use stone brick stairs. In between, you will have to vary between stone brick stairs and stone bricks, creating 3 layers, each smaller. Place a sea lantern inside the fountain. Now add water and you can enjoy this beautiful construction.

10 – Minecraft Lava Fountain

10 minecraft lava fountain

To start your lava fountain, build a circle with five block wide sides using polished Blackstone stairs. Remove the ground inside the circle and replace it with polished Blackstone. In the center of the circle build-up by five blocks using polished black stone and Blackstone stairs. Add four lava source blocks around the second block and wait for it to all flow.


These Minecraft fountains are sure to make your world look even more beautiful. If you’re looking for a creative way to show off your building skills, try creating one of these fountains. And be sure to share pictures of your creations with us on social media!