Coal Ore Drop OP Loot Data Pack

The Coal Ore Drop Op Loot Data Pack is a Minecraft data package created for version 1.17 of the game. With this data pack installed, players can significantly increase the number of items obtained by mining coal and deepslate coal, allowing them to get powerful items right from the beginning of the game.

The data pack has been updated to include new items such as netherite, elytra tools, and night vision potions. It has also made adjustments to item distribution and enchantment improvement. The Coal Ore Drop Op Loot Data Pack is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.18, 1.19 and 1.20.

With this data pack, players can live in the game caves with only the items obtained by mining coal and deepslate coal. It is a great way to enhance your Minecraft gameplay experience with new and exciting features. Give it a try and see how it enhances your gameplay!

Update v 1.0.1

  • Added more items.

coal ore drop op items v1.1

Update v 1.0.2

  • Added enchanted shovel.
  • Items are better distributed.
  • It is possible to live in caves with only the items that drop.

coal ore drop op items v1.2

Update v 1.0.3

  • Added emerald
  • Added redstone
  • Added quartz

Update v 1.0.4

  • Added diamond leggings
  • Added diamond boots

Update v 1.0.5

  • Deepslate coal ore now has better enchantments than normal coal ore

Update v 1.0.6

  • added night vision potion for coal block
  • added long night vision potion to deepslate coal block
  • added netherite armor to deepslate coal block
  • added netherite tools for deepslate coal block

Update v 1.0.7

  • added elytra for coal block
  • added elytra for deepslate coal block

Update v 1.0.8

  • supports for version 1.18
  • increase in the amount of night vision potion
  • added long night vision potion to coal block
  • torch changed from 3-10 to 10-30

Update v 1.0.9

  • because deepslate_coal_ore is generating rarely, I changed some items that only dropped in deepslate_coal_ore to coal_ore
  • added to coal_ore – netherite_sword, netherite_axe, netherite_shovel, netherite_pickaxe, netherite_helmet, netherite_chestplate, netherite_leggings, netherite_boots

Download Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18

Download “Coal Ore OP Data Pack” – Downloaded 78530 times – 2.66 KB

Update v1.10 – Minecraft 1.19

  • added goat_horn, amethyst_shard, echo_shard, sculk, recovery_compass, verdant_froglight, ochre_froglight, pearlescent_froglight, sculk_sensor, tadpole_bucket, allay_spawn_egg

Update v1.11 – Minecraft 1.19 and Snapshot 22w43a

  • Snapshot 22w43a compatibility
  • Coal ore drops 1 to 3 items
  • Fixed deepslate coal ore block to match coal ore

Update v1.12 – Minecraft 1.19

  • increased number of torches
  • goat horn removed
  • removed bucket of tadpoles

Download Minecraft 1.19

Download “Coal Drop Op Loot v1.12” – Downloaded 9237 times – 7.79 KB

Update v1.13 – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft 1.20 compatibility.

Added items:

  • coast_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • dune_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • eye_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • host_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • raiser_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • rib_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • sentry_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • shaper_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • silence_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • snout_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • spire_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • tide_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • vex_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • ward_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • wayfinder_armor_trim_smithing_template
  • wild_armor_trim_smithing_template

Update v1.14 – Minecraft 1.20.4

Minecraft 1.20.4 compatibility.

Download Minecraft 1.20.04

Download “Coal Drop Op Loot v1.14” – Downloaded 4599 times – 7.99 KB

Update v1.15 – Minecraft 1.20.5 (24W13A)

Minecraft 1.20.5 (24W13A) compatibility.

Download Minecraft 1.20.5 (24W13A)

Download “Coal Drop Op Loot 1.15” – Downloaded 0 times – 7.85 KB