Raiyons Java Combat Addon: Improve Combat for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you like the game and also the Java version, we have a cool tip for you: the Raiyons Java Combat Addon! This addon adds several new features to the game’s combat system, inspired by the Java version, such as cooldowns for attacks, critical damage, and shield blocking.

The addon was developed by Lord Raiyon.

With the Raiyons Java Combat Addon, players will have access to new combat abilities such as the charge attack, which can deal significant damage, and hit multiple nearby enemies with just one hit. Additionally, the addon allows players to use shields more effectively, blocking enemy attacks more accurately.

This makes enemy fights more challenging and interesting and gives players the opportunity to experiment with new combat strategies.

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Raiyons Java Combat Addon Features

  • Sword can now perform a Sweeping Attack.
  • Axes damage has been changed to match the Java version.
  • Attack and block now have cooldowns.
  • Sprinting attack now increases the knockback effect.
  • New animations.

The Raiyons Java Combat Addon is an awesome option for players who want a more immersive and challenging combat experience in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. With it, you add a new gaming experience.

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For the addon to work properly it is necessary to turn on experiments:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Beta APIs
  • Molang Features

Some of the recent updates include compatibility with version 1.19.60+, bug fixes when importing UUID, working the addon with realms, fixing a bug when attacking pigman with a sweeping edge that caused the game to crash, the possibility to import behavior packs and fix GameTest settings.

Download Raiyons Java Combat Addon

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