Realistic Lucky Block Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE) 1.19

Hello! Are you looking for a Lucky Block addon? So watch this! This plugin is different from other Lucky Block addons as this is Realistic Lucky Block. First time released! It can be found in nature! Also, various items are available! Let’s learn everything about the addon.

Two versions of Lucky Block Addon

Lucky Block has two different versions. One can be done with a work table. The other cannot be done with a worktable. These were created according to your requests. Good. Let’s see its features:

  • The break time is 0.2.
  • Can be found in the world (Extreme hills biomes only).
  • It can be picked up with a silk touch.
  • It can be done with a work table. (Can be chosen)
realislic lucky block addon 116 update 2

What Comes Out of It

When you break the Lucky Block, 148 groups each have a spawn weight of 1 . Anything can come out! We can never guess what will come out! Here are some of the groups that can leave:

  • Wool
  • Redstone tools
  • End portal tools
  • Swords (a spell can be cast)
  • Potions
  • Blocks
  • Foods
  • Spring tools
  • Armor
  • And more!

In short, almost any item can come out of it!

realislic lucky block addon 116 update 3

Can be Found in Nature

Now Lucky Block can be found in the world! Can only be found in hill biomes! If you want to see it in the world, open the experimental game before creating the world (all 3 recommended). Here are more details!

  • Biome: Can be found in almost any biome (except Tip and Nether)
  • Frequency of occurrence: Normal
  • Found altitude: 63-128 (extreme hill biomes)
  • Reps: 2-4

Craft Recipe for Lucky Block

For those who say they want it described, here is the Lucky Block recipe: 9 Gold Ingots, 1 Blaze Stick

(You can download with or without a crafting recipe)

realistic lucky block addon 118 update 3

How to get it?

To get the Lucky Block, enter the inventory, then enter the nature section, you can see it below or enter the chat section and type “give @s thelake: lucky_block”.


Realistic Lucky Block Addon is a fun and exciting addition to your Minecraft game. With the possibility of finding a wide variety of items, you never know what to expect when you break the lucky block. Also, with the possibility of finding it in the wild, the Realistic Lucky Block Addon is a realistic addition to your game. So try it now and enjoy the thrill of breaking the lucky block!

Download Realistic Lucky Block Addon

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