SecurityCraft Mod For Minecraft 1.19.2 – 1.18.2

If you like Minecraft and want to add more security to your world, the SecurityCraft mod might be just what you’re looking for.

The mod adds many security features including hardened blocks, block change detectors, password-protected blocks, and much more. In addition, each block belongs to a specific player, which means that only the owner can interact with it or break it.

Block Ownership

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Each block in the mod is owned by a specific player, the “Owner”. The owner is the player who placed the block. Only the owner of a block can interact with it, and only the owner can break it. Many blocks ignore their owner, which means that their functions do not apply to the owner, but only to other players.

Reinforced blocks are unbreakable variants of their in-game counterpart, and have a slightly darker hue to distinguish them, but if you want, you can disable this hue in the config file. Reinforced blocks are immovable by the game’s standard pistons, but can be pushed back by reinforced pistons.

Technical Blocks

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There are numerous blocks added by the mod that allows the player to protect his base from invaders. Some of these blocks are:

  • Block Change Detector: Able to detect changes in blocks in a given area around it.
  • Fake liquids: look like lava and water, but act completely differently.
  • Inventory Scanner: Can confiscate specific items that have been previously configured by the owner.
  • Key Card Reader: Emits a redstone signal only when a predefined key card is inserted.
  • Projector: Used to project fake blocks into the world.
  • Portal Stabilizer: This can prevent nearby teleport attempts.
  • Security Camera: A camera that allows the player to view anywhere in the world.
  • Sentry Gun: A defensive device that fires at mobs.
  • Trophy System: Uses laser technology to blast incoming projectiles.


Many of SecurityCraft’s blocks can be modified in various ways using modules. These modules add additional functionality such as redstone output or allowing the block to act faster than it would without the module. One notable module is the Disguise module, which allows SecurityCraft blocks to look like any other block in the game, allowing for stealthy base defenses.

Password protected blocks

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The mod adds some password-protected blocks that can only be accessed by players who know a numerical code previously set by the block’s owner. Most of these blocks have no crafting recipe and are created using a password block with a numeric keypad. Players can set their own password for each block, and each password is stored in the player’s data file. Some examples of password-protected blocks are:

  • Security Vault: A chest that can only be opened by players who know the password.
  • Security Door: A door that can only be opened by players who know the password.
  • Security Trapdoor: A trapdoor that can only be opened by players who know the password.


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There are many mines added by SecurityCraft that players can use as defensive measures. A special type of mine is the so-called block mine, which imitates common blocks such as stone, earth, deep slate, or sand, as well as all existing ores. These mines look exactly the same as their normal variants, however, they are explosive to the touch. If a non-owner player breaks one of these block mines, it will explode and leave a burning crater.

The mod also has other explosive devices. These include a standard mine that explodes when stepped on and a device that fires mines at nearby creatures. All these mines can be accessed via the remote mine access tool. Right-clicking on a mine with the tool links the mine to it and subsequently allows you to defuse, arm, or detonate the mine remotely.


The SecurityCraft mod is a great addition for any Minecraft player looking to add more security to their world. With features like reinforced blocks, technical blocks, and password-protected blocks, players can protect their bases from invaders and keep their items safe. The mod also adds a lot of customization to the blocks, allowing players to modify them to suit their specific needs. If you’re looking for ways to make your Minecraft world more secure and personalized, SecurityCraft is definitely a mod worth checking out.

Download SecurityCraft Mod for Minecraft Forge