The Forgotten Legends Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

If you’re a fan of Minecraft and medieval fantasy, you can’t miss out on The Forgotten Legends, an addon that adds a multitude of new entities and items to the game. Although still in beta, this addon promises to bring a unique experience to players.

New Entities

With The Forgotten Legends, you’ll encounter a wide variety of new entities, each with its own unique abilities and challenges. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Orc ringleader: These mighty orc leaders can be found in the mountains, savannahs, and deserts, always accompanied by two orc warriors.
  • Orc warrior: Orc warriors are extremely dangerous and protect their leader tooth and nail.
  • Nekros Colossus: These bone abominations are considered mini-bosses and can be found in the darkest caves.
  • Ochi Nekros: Similar to Nekros Colossus, but more common in caves.
  • Ghosts: Scary creatures that appear during the night in the normal world and chase players.
  • Juggernaut: Monsters made of flesh and blood, who inhabit the deepest caverns.
  • Nether Boss: A creature still under development and has many bugs, so it will not be available in survival worlds.
  • Satirimus – The Final Legend: Also in development, this creature will not be available on survival worlds.

New Items and Weapons

The Forgotten Legends also adds new items and weapons for players to use on their journey. Here are some examples:

  • Ebony gear: A new armor made from a rare ore found in the deepest caverns. Stronger than netherite, but harder to find.
  • Totems: There are two totems available in this version, the healing one and the protection one. The second cannot be obtained in survival worlds, but you can deconstruct the totem of immortality and combine it with other elements to create the totem of protection.
  • Necromancy Table and Magical Objects Table: Here you can craft various necromancy-related items, such as spellbooks and unique totems (only available from the Magical Objects Table).

How to install The Forgotten Legends Addon

  1. Download The Forgotten Legends Behavior Pack and Resource Pack
  2. Copy *.zip files to folder BP in behavior_packs and RP in resource_packs.
  3. Create a new world and in the Behavior Packs, find the Forgotten Legends.
  4. Enable the Forgotten Legends Behavior Pack.
  5. Create a new world and in the Resource Packs, find the Forgotten Legends.
  6. Enable the Forgotten Legends Resource Pack.
  7. Start your world.
  8. Enjoy the new content!


The Forgotten Legends is an exciting and constantly developing addon that promises to make Minecraft even more fun and challenging. Try it now and see for yourself! And don’t forget to visit our Discord server for the latest news on addon development.

Download The Forgotten Legends Addon for Minecraft Bedrock