Torch OffHand Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

Are you tired of fumbling in the dark while trying to hold a torch in one hand and your weapon in the other? Look no further than the Torch OffHand Addon, now updated to version 1.19.50+ and compatible with other Minecraft addons!

With this addon, you can easily place a torch in your off-hand and light your way without sacrificing the use of your primary hand. No more switching back and forth between tools and torches, or having to waste precious inventory space on extra torches.

How It Works

Using the Torch OffHand Addon is simple. Once you have obtained the new Torch OffHand item, you can place it in your off-hand slot by following these crafting instructions:

torch offhand addon crafting

Once you have the Torch OffHand item equipped in your off-hand, it will automatically light up when it is dark enough to require a torch. This means you can explore caves, mines, and other dark areas with ease, without having to worry about constantly placing and picking up torches.

torch offhand addon in use

Demo Video

Recommended Experimental Options

For the best experience with the Torch OffHand Addon, it is recommended that you activate the following experimental options in Minecraft:

torch offhand addon experimental settings


The Torch OffHand Addon is a must-have for any Minecraft player who wants to explore the game’s dark areas without sacrificing the use of their primary hand. With its simple crafting instructions and automatic lighting feature, this addon is easy to use and highly effective.

So why wait? Download the Torch OffHand Addon today and start illuminating your way through the world of Minecraft!

Download Torch OffHand Addon for Minecraft Bedrock