Poggy’s What’s That? Addon for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.80

🔍 Poggy’s What’s That? is a useful tool-tip addon that provides detailed information about blocks and entities in-game with just a hover of the mouse cursor. It saves players from the hassle of memorizing block and entity names or searching for them on a wiki. This addon is beneficial for both new and experienced players as it helps to identify unknown blocks and entities from other addons.

Creator: XxPoggyisLitxX
Versions Supported: 1.19.50, 1.19.80

Addon Features

  • 📝 Detailed tooltip containing information such as the name, ID, Correct Tool, Health, and more.
  • 🎮 Intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • 🌎 Works with multiplayer.
  • 🤝 Compatible with other addons.

Poggy’s What’s That? Installation

To properly install Addon you need to use Beta API.

  • Use Beta APIs for this Add-On

Download Poggy’s What’s That Addon

📦 Download Poggy’s What’s That? 🌐 Official Poggy’s What’s That? Page

Install Addon

  1. Download the Behavior Pack *.mcpack files.
  2. Double-click in Behavior Pack to install in your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the Behavior Packs, find the desired Behavior Pack.
  4. Enable the desired Behavior Pack.
  5. Start your world.
  6. Enjoy the new content!