Villages Chests OP Loot Data Pack

Villages Chests OP is a data pack for Minecraft Java that modifies all village chests, for versions 1.17 and 1.18. Netherite, diamonds, other, golden apples, enchanted books, and more.

Loot is not the same for all chests. Some items from the original loot have been retained. If you want to find weapons, look in the weaponsmith chests. If you want armor, look for the armorer’s chests.

Villages Chests Are OP Minecraft Bedrock

village chest op house


village chest op weaponsmith

Update v1.0.1

  • improved tannery chest distribution
  • added diamond armor

Update v1.0.2 – Minecraft 1.19

  • added goat_horn, amethyst_shard, echo_shard, sculk, recovery_compass, verdant_froglight, ochre_froglight, pearlescent_froglight, sculk_sensor, tadpole_bucket, allay_spawn_egg

Minecraft Java Edition Installation

  1. Create a new world.
  2. Click on Data Packs.
  3. Drag and Drop the zip file in the window.
  4. Activate the data pack in the Minecraft window.
  5. Create your world.

Download Villages Chests Are OP Minecraft Java 1.17 and 1.18

Download “Villages Chests OP” – Downloaded 3848 times – 15 KB

Download Villages Chests Are OP Minecraft Java 1.19

Download “Villages Chest OP Minecraft 1.19” – Downloaded 73 times – 17 KB

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