12 Best New Forge Mods for Minecraft 1.18.2 (May 2022)

This article is meant to be a list of the best Minecraft Forge mods to try out in Minecraft 1.18.2. We are going to list them in the order of their popularity.

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Another Furniture Compendium

This mod adds some furniture into Minecraft. Currently, it only includes Chairs, Tables, Shelves, and Stools, with each of them having some different styles. They’re functional too, so you can sit down on the seats, or display items on Shelves. Overall, they look great and make use of connected textures too.

another furniture compendium mod

Better Village

Better Village will eventually overhaul all of Minecraft’s Villages, but right now it only changes those in the Plains and Desert Biomes. All of the buildings have been reworked, giving them a lot more detail and style, which makes a nice change.

Some additional buildings are added too, like Farms, Barns, and Windmills. Desert Villages, looks feel a lot more alive thanks to all the Leaves and Trees. In the future, we’ll hopefully see updates to the Savanna, Taiga, and Snowy Villages too.

better village mod

Cave Rats

Cave Rats adds 4 new Rats into Minecraft, which can spawn at different height levels, as well as in different Biomes. They can’t be tamed, only slain for their meat and fur. Rat Meat can be cooked and eaten, whereas their Fur can be turned into Leather or String.

cave rats mod


Duckling adds two ducks into Minecraft which are the white duck and the mallard. They’re pretty cute and you have the best chance of finding them inside of a river biome. In a Swamp Biome, you might find a quackling which is much larger. You can right-click to trade with them. They’ll trade you an assortment of items for emeralds.

duckling mod

Flowery Structures

Flowery Structures is going to add some new structures which improve the vanilla experience without making it feel too unrealistic. There are just over 10 structures currently which include rafts, hot air balloons, wells, small dungeons, jungle seats, and a few more some structures will have a few variants depending on the biome they spawn. Some of them will have chess with loot.

flowery structures

Friends and Foes

Friends and Foes have been updated to work on Forge. With it installed, you’ll find Copper Golems, Glares, MooBlooms, Illusioners, and Iceologers spawning in the world. Some have their own structures, like the Iceologer Cabin or the Illusioner Shack.

In Villages, you can find a Beekeeper spawning too, with their own trades. We’re going to see more changes coming
in the future, as the developer has plans to implement the Great Hunger, Wildfire, and more.

friends and foes mod

Gem Crabs

This next mod adds an assortment of crabs into Minecraft which are themed around different minerals. There are 15 in total and include minerals like diamonds, emeralds, cords ancient debris copper, and more.

There are two ways to get a resource from a crab and the first is by killing it with a weapon otherwise you can just right-click it with a pickaxe instead and having the fortune enchantment applied will increase the number that’s dropped.

gem crabs mod

Gold Rush

With Gold Rush installed, you can find Gold inside of Sand. So start searching Oceans and Rivers with a Shovel. Gold Sheets can be crafted from 3 Gold Nuggets, and then used to create new blocks, like Gold Bricks, Glass, Stairs, and Slabs.

With Blocks of Gold, Gold Ingots, Gold Nuggets and
Gold Sheets, you’ll be able to craft a Golden Golem as well. When these are summoned, they’ll wander around and protect your base from hostile creatures. But they’re not the smartest either,
they’ll also chase Rabbits to try and hug them, so it might be worth setting up a perimeter.

gold rush mod


Mine-Pop adds over 50 Funko-pops into the game which you can collect. They fall under different collections too like Minecraft Naruto, Dragon Ball, Youtubers, Marvel, and DC. To use the mod craft a pop box from an armor stand and dies when you place it down. You’ll be able to interact with it to choose a collection with the Funko-pop you receive.

mine pop mod

Player Tabs

Player Tabs adds Tabs into your inventory, giving you access to more storage without having to deal with backpack mods. By default, there are 3 tabs, but this can be changed with a command. You’re also able to rename tabs using commands, and typing in the name of a Minecraft item will give it an icon instead, so it’s a pretty convenient and useful mod for inventory management.

player tabs mod

Primal Reservation

Primal Reservation aims to raise awareness of the illegal hunting of endangered species. The first creature that’s included in the Illager Hunter, attacks other creatures. He has a blowgun that can drop as well as poisonous darts. 11 other animals are included like the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Iberian Lynx, Mountain Gorilla, Tasmanian Devil, and the Dodo Bird.

These animals can be found spawning throughout different biomes and they have some of their own behaviors and effects as an example the Sumantran Orangutan has a chance to apply the bone meal effect so that it reforests, or you can feed salmon to Hawaiian monk seal to have a chance of receiving items like seagrass kelp nautilus shells or hearts of the sea.

primal reservation mod

You Are Seeing Dungeons

You Are Seeing Dungeons is a work in progress and is going to add multiple Dungeons to your world, which are made up of new blocks and mobs. With it being early on, there do seem to be
some issues. Some structures can spawn in weird positions.

But lots of new mobs are included with the mod, like Eager Creatures, Hermit Skeletons, and Shadow Desert Pillagers. The structures are still nicely built. There is some progression to the mod, as well as unique items like Spells, Tokens, and new equipment, so it might be worth keeping an eye on as updates are released.

you seeing dungeons mod