Lil Wings Mod Minecraft Java (1.19.2 – 1.18.2)

With the Lil’ Wings Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2), butterflies can be found in the game. The butterfly has always been a fascinating and vibrant creature, thus Lil’ Wings Mod added several features and applications for each variety of butterfly to the game.

Each type of butterfly has a distinct appearance, inhabits a different location, and is drawn to various objects. Only brown mushrooms can attract the Aponi Butterfly, which is only found in the Taiga Biome or Buttergold.

Sunflowers contain butterflies, and dandelions are a magnet for them. The Mod also includes additional objects, such as a Butterfly Net that allows you to capture butterflies.

Glass bottles can be used, then set down, to create a butterfly jar. When you collect butterflies, you can place them in the jar to experience unique effects according to the particular species.

Depending on how you use the elements that Lil’ Wings Mod adds to the game, you can either acquire butterfly wings or butterfly effects.


  • Adds 12 new butterflies and 50+ new items.
  • Each butterfly has a unique function when captured and let into a glass jar.

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