Addon AI and Animations Minecraft Bedrock

Ai and Animation Addon for Minecraft Bedrock in this first version modifies some mobs settings and improves some animations. Goat, Wolf, Fox, Cat, Pig, Horse, Villager, Rabbit, Iron Golem, Axolotl, Sheep, Cow.

Demo video



Let’s start with some modifications to the babies’ heads.





Cow and Mooshroom







AI and Animations


  • ram attack, higher frequency
  • high jump, higher frequency
  • goat attack now with 5 damage
  • increased goat spawn
  • ram attack animation
  • high jump animation
  • running animation

goat jump


  • cats can sit naturally
  • jump up to 5 blocks high
  • cat goes down to 10 blocks
  • improved attack speed
  • speed to follow the biggest owner
  • can attack chicken and rabbit when tamed
  • improved ocelot attack animation

cat jump


  • change in model, leaving the head above the body
  • running animation
  • animation jumping to hunt


fox run


  • running animation
  • animation horse falling while running
  • saddled horse now follows you. to stop following, take off the saddle or leave him tethered
  • 3-second boost using the rope

horse run2


  • faster attack
  • running animation
  • attack pig

wolf run


  • child runs faster now
  • animation walking
  • running animation
  • spawn in villas changed to be born more children
  • children attend the meeting at the bell
  • children can fall 3 blocks
  • children can jump up to 3 blocks

villagers run3


  • animation stopped out of the water
  • animation with light change walking
  • walk a little faster on earth
  • playing death animation

Cow and Mooshrom

  • running animation


  • running animation
  • runs away from the wolf


  • running animation
  • runs away from the wolf
  • runs away from the player


  • runs away from the player
  • runs away from the wolf


  • run away from the cat

Iron Golem

  • attack creeper

Update v1.0.1

  • improved cow walking and running
  • improved running pig
  • improved sheep running
  • improved running wolf
  • improved fox running
  • improved running horse
  • improved villager without moving, walking and running
  • iron golem animation, without moving, walking and running
  • zombie animation without moving and walking
  • baby zombie animation
  • vindicator animation without moving and running
  • running pillager animation

Update v 1.0.2

Red Animation

Separate pack only with a resource pack. (achievement-friendly). No AI.

  • Villager animation is under test. Unlike the pack with ai, it only runs in the rain and when it’s running away from someone.
  • Horse running animation is under a test. I still have to adjust according to the horse’s speed.

Modifications for the two packages (ai animation and red animation).

  • Modifications in zombie position to avoid bugs with armor.
  • Zombie villager animation is like the zombie.
  • Husk animation is like the zombie.
  • Improved vindicator arms, and leans less when attacking.
  • Small improvements in running fox.
  • Small animation when wolf jumps or drops a block.
  • Wolf when seated varies with 2 more lying positions every 20 seconds.
  • Spider animation stopped, walking and attacking.
  • Walking chicken animation.

Download Addon AI and Animations Minecraft Bedrock

Download Addon AI and Animations – Internal Link

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