Bountiful Mod for Fabric: Reward boards and decrees

Bountiful Mod for Fabric is centered on a single block called rewards and the items that appear in it: the rewards!

How the reward plates work:

Rewards can be found in villages and generate rewards within them. These rewards often ask you to bring an item or kill some monsters in exchange for the rewards offered. If you can complete the reward, bring it back to the reward board and right-click on the board to receive your rewards!

bountiful mod fabric 2
Bountiful in village

Decrees – How to customize your rewards:

There is another item called a decree. It determines what kind of reward will appear on the reward board. For example, a corner decree causes armor-related goals and rewards to appear on the board (leather, iron, pectorals, boots, etc.). You can have up to three decrees on a reward board simultaneously, and it will mix the goals and rewards of the three when new rewards appear!

Levels of a rarity in rewards:

Like items, rewards may have different levels of rarity. Some rewards are rarer than others, and higher rarity rewards have a greater chance of having these rarer rewards! The rarity follows the same pattern as vanilla: common, unusual, rare, and epic (with a legendary level added)

Increasing reputation for better rewards:

All rewards have their own value associated with them called “reputation.” As you deliver more rewards, this number increases! The greater the reputation, the more often rare rewards appear on the reward board. Some rewards may not even appear until you reach a sufficiently high reputation.

Compatibility with other Mods Fabric:

Currently, support has been added for some items of different fabric modes.

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