Minecraft Survival House Kacer Download World and Schematic

If you’re playing Minecraft, then you need a house. Survival House Kacer is a complete home to start your survival world with a little help. Complete house with 2 floors, chests, work blocks, and a plantation area. The house is located in a Plains biome near a village.

Created in version 1.17.1

Download world or schematics files for Litematic and World Edit.

minecraft survival house kacer 4

Survival House Workspace

minecraft survival house kacer 5

Survival House Main Floor

minecraft survival house kacer 2

Survival House Plantation Area

Download Survival House House Minecraft Java

For Minecraft Java, unzip the zip file in your Minecraft saves folder.

Download “Survival House Kacer Java”

Survival_House_Kacer.zip – Downloaded 12109 times – 3.40 MB

Download Survival House Schematic Zip File

The schematic zip file contains 2 schematics. One by WoldEdit and one by Litematic.

Download “Survival House Kacer Schematics”

Survival_House_Kacer_Schematics.zip – Downloaded 12888 times – 47.57 KB

Download Survival House House Minecraft Bedrock

For Minecraft Bedrock, run the *.mcworld file.

Download “Survival House Kacer Bedrock”

Survival-House-Kacer.mcworld – Downloaded 9559 times – 448.91 KB

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