Chikorita’s Coffee Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

If you are a coffee lover, you will love Chikorita Lover’s Coffee addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE). This mod adds new coffee-related items and blocks to the base game, allowing players to grow and harvest coffee plants to make coffee, decorate or trade. Players can also craft coffee bottles that temporarily prevent them from being targeted by ghosts and taking the slow penalty.

Items Chikorita Lover’s Coffee addon

The Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Add-On adds the following coffee-related items:

Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are seeds used to plant coffee bushes or obtain ground coffee. They can be planted on surfaces such as grass blocks, podzol, dirt, dirt, farmland, mud, and muddy roots. Players can also obtain coffee beans from immature coffee bushes. The player can sell 18 coffee beans for an emerald to Journeyman-level farmer villagers. Also, some traveling merchants can sell coffee beans for three emeralds.

chikorita lovers coffee addon 2

Coffee Bushes

Coffee bushes have eight stages of growth and have a 50% chance of advancing to the next stage after receiving a random tick. When destroyed or interacted with coffee bushes while carrying berries, it drops two to three coffee berries. Coffee bushes naturally generate as random spots in jungle biomes; each piece within a jungle biome has a one in 16 chance of spawning with a group of up to six coffee bushes.

chikorita lovers coffee addon 3

Coffee Berries

Coffee berries are food items harvested from mature coffee bushes. They can be eaten to restore as much hunger and fullness as sweet berries or made into coffee beans.

chikorita lovers coffee addon 4

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is used in decoration and in the preparation of beverages. It can be used to create ground coffee blocks or be used to make coffee bottles. Players can exchange ground coffee and an emerald for a bottle of coffee with Apprentice-level cleric villagers.

chikorita lovers coffee addon 5

Coffee Bottle

Coffee Bottles are drink items that temporarily allow players to avoid being targeted by ghosts and gain immunity to slows. They also restore two hunger points and 4.8 saturation. The caffeine effect lasts for three minutes. Coffee Bottles can be obtained by trading with Apprentice-level cleric villagers, or by brewing ground coffee into a potion or water bottle.

chikorita lovers coffee addon 6

Block of coffee beans and block of ground coffee

Coffee bean blocks and ground coffee blocks are great for interior and exterior decoration. They can be used to create walls, floors, countertops, and many other decorative items. In addition, they also serve as storage blocks, allowing you to store your beans and ground coffee in one place. Each block consists of nine items, which can be easily taken out whenever you need them.

Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Addon Screenshots

known issues

As with many game addons, the Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Add-On still has some known issues that need to be addressed. Some of the problems include:

  • Coffee bottles can be crafted with any potion.
  • Planting coffee bushes produce a stone sound.
  • Using the Pick Block or Silk Touch tool on a coffee bush returns a block.
  • If you encounter any issues while playing with this add-on, please open an issue in the GitHub repository so the developers can fix it ASAP.


Holiday Creator Features and Creation of Custom Biomes must both be enabled for the add-on to work as intended.


Chikorita Lover’s Coffee Addon is a fun and useful add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. With it, you can grow, harvest, and use coffee to craft new items and decorations. If you are a coffee fan in real life, then you will surely love this in-game add-on. Give it a try and enjoy!

Download Chikorita’s Coffee Addon for Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

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