Deep Dark: Minecraft Bedrock New Biome and More News


Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta was updated in early 2022 with new experimental features and now a new version has just arrived with a new biome: the Deep Dark. In addition, version also brings general fixes and many new features to the game.

New Biome – Deep Dark

Starting with the new biome, the Deep Dark can be accessed by digging deep underground. This biome is full of Sculk blocks and the only native inhabitant of it is the Warden, who can be found in the next Minecraft updates.

minecraft the wild update the deep dark

Combat System

Also, this new version brings a change when parrying ax attacks with a shield, where the shield will be disabled for 5 seconds.

Boat With a Chest

Boats can now be equipped with chests, so you can carry things while navigating long distances. To create a boat with a chest, just combine both in Minecraft.

boat with chest


The Allay

The Allay has also received some changes, including a delay in picking up new items after making a delivery, it will stay close to the notepad that is thrown towards it, and it will also be immune to damage from its owner.

allay minecraft

Fixes and improvements

There are still several fixes in this version, among them are improvements in touch controls and sensitivity when using a joystick.


The bug that incorrectly created underwater lava rivers has been fixed. Using healing items doesn’t make mobs immune to damage and now breaking a layer of snow doesn’t destroy flowers on the same block, but beware: Baby Hoglins can now attack players. Tapping the crouch button will no longer change the flight mode.

You can check out more technical details about Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta versions and in Minecraft Preview on the official page.

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