20 Best Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

In this article, you will find the best seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19. Lush Caves, Ancient Cities, Villages, Mansions, Mountains, Mangrove Swamp, Desert, and more. All of the Best Seeds for the new Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 below are from the Wild update. The list below is a great place to start in Minecraft, and see what’s in this update. All Seeds with some interesting coordinates.

Table of Contents

Seed 1 – Mangrove, Shipwreck, Outpost, Ruined Portal, Desert Temple, Village

seed 1 mangrove, shipwreck, outpost, ruined portal, desert temple, village

Spawns you right next to one of Minecraft’s newest biomes the Mangrove Swamp. Before entering the Swamp you’ll come across five structures all combined in the same place. There’s a shipwreck, an outpost, a ruined portal, a desert temple, a village, and an ocean ruin close by too. If you’re wanting to explore the new swamp this is probably the best seed to do that in this Mangrove Swamp.

  • Seed: 3546842701776989958

Seed 2 – Born in Ancient City

seed 2 born in ancient city

Spawns you inside of an ancient city. This has to be the scariest and most challenging spawn in the new update. The best seed for checking out this new Mega Structure. There are chests everywhere with lots of loot that could get your game off to an amazing start. At the end of the first city, you’ll find a gap in the wall that leads you to a second ancient city. Another cool thing about this seed is that you can see the city from the surface.

  • Seed: 565535403532980236
  • Second Ancient City: -122 -41 42

Seed 3 – Lush Cave, Mineshaft, and Ancient City

seed 3 lush cave, mineshaft, and ancient city

Is another amazing Ancient City seed. You can find it inside a lush cave that also has not one but two exposed mineshafts. It’s going to be hard to find a lush cave better than this one in the new update. It’s huge and packed with structures and it’s, even so, close to spawning. Maybe you could extend this mineshaft down into the Ancient City so that you can get away from the warden in your mine cart. The loot inside these structures is worth it.

  • Seed: -156227665
  • Lush Cave and Mineshafts: -690 -44 -618

Seed 4 – Savannah Village in Mangrove Swamp

seed 4 savannah village in mangrove swamp

Spawns you close to a Mangrove Swamp. This one has a Savannah Village which fits in well with the acacia logs. Blend in really well with the Mangrove floor and the acacia planks provide a nice contrast. This village type is the best match for this new biome. The village is situated right on a mangrove river this would be the perfect place for building a dock for your brand new chest boats.

  • Seed: 3199248302354707427
  • Savannah Village: -331 72 -910
  • Jungle Temple: -739 65 -691

Seed 5 – Dripstone Village and Ancient City

seed 5 dripstone village and ancient city

Spawns you in a truly incredible mountain range. Take a look at all of these beautiful mountains that you can find around. Has a large exposed Deep Dark cave with a double geode and a mineshaft. There’s a dripstone village next to a wide mountain valley that has some great places for building.

You can also find one mountain crater right next to a village with a Ruined Portal. But what makes this seed truly special is the fact that you can find four combined Ancient Cities directly under spawn. If you’re looking for the biggest ancient city in Minecraft then this is
the seed you’ll want. It’s like one giant Mega City.

  • Seed: 5974902417451286596
  • Exposed Deep Dark Cave: -706 105 -211
  • Dripstone Village: 206 138 153
  • Mountains and Village with Ruined Portal:-276 120 306
  • Ancient City: -161 -38 98

Seed 6 – Village, Zombie Dungeon, and Exposed Cave

seed 6 village, zombie dungeon, and exposed cave

Has another incredible mountain landscape with one village which runs right through the middle of the mountain valley with waterfalls flowing down either side. Has an exposed zombie dungeon directly below one of the houses a great village for farm XP while taking in some beautiful scenery.

Right by the village, there’s some nice forest and an exposed waterfall cave. Enter the cave and follow the water down as far as it will go and you’ll be led to an Ancient City. The water acts as a convenient entry and exit to the city.

  • Seed: 2231076926794571733
  • Village in mountains: 578 117 218
  • Exposed Cave: 507 80 140

Seed 7 – Ancient City and Stronghold

seed 7 ancient city and stronghold

Spawns you right next to a triple blacksmith village with some great early game loot. You’ll need this loot and much more of your to take on what lies beneath this village. Underneath this village, you can find two ancient cities a stronghold, a Piglins bastion, and another fortress. Past the ruined portal and you’ll come across the second another giant mega city.

Enter the nether and you’ll spawn right next to the bastion. Enter the bastion and you’ll find that there’s also really easy access to a blaze spawner. Back in the Ancient City, you can find access to the Stronghold.

  • Seed: -183412789913619791
  • Ancient City: 174 -38 586
  • Stronghold: 91 -33 649

Seed 8 – Mountains and Ancient City whit Mineshaft

seed 8 mountains and ancient city whit mineshaft

Ancient Cities within this mountain range. This could be the perfect seed for tracking down one of Minecraft’s newest structures while also enjoying the incredible scenery.

  • Seed: -1818114357538776435
  • Village: 83 96 168
  • Ancient City whit mineshaft: 535 -45 417

Seed 9 – Jungle Mountain Crater and Ancient City

seed 9 jungle mountain crater and ancient city

Spawns you inside of a jungle mountain crater surrounded by jagged peaks. The perfect spawn if you fancy a jungle starter base. Build a nether portal in the middle of the crater and you’ll enter a cave that leads you to a double blaze spawner just a short distance.

A great spawn for building a blaze farm. Underneath spawn, you’ll find another ancient city making this crater a perfect place for setting up camp. A short distance away you can find an outpost where you can meet some of Minecraft’s newest friends. The pillagers built their outpost on top of another Ancient City.

  • Seed: 4923725547689910475
  • Ancient City: 90 -41 18
  • Outpost: 85 136 -678

Seed 10 – Woodland Mansion and Pillager Outpost

seed 10 woodland mansion and pillager outpost

Spawns you close to this Woodland Mansion and Pillager Outpost combination. The Outpost sits on an exposed mountain cave which again leads you down to an Ancient City. A short distance away from the Mansion you can find a large Mangrove Swamp biome that contains an Outpost in a Village.

The Allays manage to escape themselves thanks to this village’s farm. This Mangrove also has a couple of Temples, another Mansion, another Mangrove packed full of structures.

  • Seed: -4165452041570647081
  • Mansion and Outpost: 508 109 -781
  • Ancient City: 541 -38 -607
  • Village and Outpost: 1917 78 -996
  • Desert Temple: 2365 64 -1242

Seed 11 – Mangrove Swamp Village

seed 11 mangrove swamp village

Spawns in another Mangrove Swamp Village. Trade with swamp villagers and explore the new Mangrove biome while being towered over by this insane Windswept Savannah.

This Mangrove Swamp is huge and gives you a terrific view. At the end of the swamp, you see that this seed has a great variety of biomes close by two the Badlands. Is home to three Ancient Cities. This is where you’ll want to head if you want to take on the Warden.

  • Seed: 67561815575817929
  • Variety of Biomes: -392 112 138

Seed 12 – Mangrove Island and Outpost

seed 12 mangrove island and outpost

Spawns you on the Mangrove Island found for the new update. Leaving inland you’ll see that these new Swamp volumes are gigantic. You can find a Coral Reef, a Desert Village island surrounded by Mangroves as well as a Mangrove Outpost.

  • Seed: 3797887081179590751
  • Desert Village: -1521 67 -305
  • Mangrove Outpost: 747 63 -1970

Seed 13 – Desert Mansion and Outpost

seed 13 desert mansion and outpost

Spawns you on a Bamboo Jungle coast. Head across the Warm Ocean, you’ll find a Desert Biome with a Woodland Mansion, Pillager Outpost, and a Mangrove Swamp. Another great seed for rescuing Minecraft’s newest mob Allay and exploring a new biome. Past the giant ocean portal on your way back and you’ll also be able to find an ancient city underneath the jungle.

  • Seed: -1249270592
  • Desert Mansion and Outpost: -664 83 466
  • Ruined Portal: -331 72 43
  • Cave Entrance: 908 93 158
  • Ancient City: 957 -45 165

Seed 14 – Epic Mountain Cliff

seed 14 epic mountain cliff

Spawns you on a huge Snowy Mountain climb to the very top to get a fantastic view of the spawn. Where you can find out which direction you’d like to explore first. There are some nice places for buildings and an epic mountain cliff. On the other side of the spawn mountain, you can find another waterfall slope village with loads of exposed caves.

Navigate through the caves with a little digging and you’ll find yourself in an Ancient City you can find some amazing tools. Close to the spawn you can find one mountain outpost. Where you can rescue more Allays.

  • Seed: 1897375897186148061
  • Epic Mountain Cliff: -513 154 28
  • Village: 215 112 258
  • Ancient City: 75 -39 232
  • Outpost in Mountain: 252 107 -683

Seed 15 – Lush Cave and Mineshaft

seed 15 lush cave and mineshaft

Spawns you extremely close to a tall River Mansion opposite some forested mountains. After saving the Allays from the Mansion, head on up to the mountains where you can find one large exposed Dripstone Cave that leads you through a long deep dark tunnel.

Down into an ancient city. This seed also has a lush cave with a giant waterfall and a mineshaft as well as a mountain outpost.

  • Seed: 77210
  • Mansion: 115 130 -391
  • Exposed Dripstone Cave: -8 31 663
  • Lush Cave and Mineshaft: -7 13 -857
  • Mountain Outpost: -919 166 -1062

Seed 16 – Desert Village in Mangrove Swamp

seed 16 desert village in mangrove swamp

Spawns you next to a Desert Village inside of a Mangrove Swamp biome. It’s not often that you see a Desert Village with trees taller than these buildings. Some of these new mangrove trees are big. This spawn village also has a Stronghold underneath. This is the very first Mangrove Stronghold village ever found and is right at spawn. If you enter the Nether you’ll also find a Bastion right next to another Fortress.

  • Seed: 348722287802000751
  • Desert Village: 757 78 172
  • Stronghold: 757 7 172
  • Desert Village 2: 1288 63 179

Seed 17 – Deepest and Darkest Cave

seed 17 deepest and darkest cave

This seed has the deepest and darkest cave in Minecraft. This is one of the biggest exposed caves in Minecraft. This cave has been taken over by the new Deep Dark biome head right down into the bottom of the cave underneath the mineshaft and the Deep Dark will lead you to an Ancient City.

  • Seed: 53285197
  • Huge Cave: 196 14 836
  • Ancient City: 113 -45 857

Seed 18 – Mangrove Mansion and Bamboo Jungle

seed 18 mangrove mansion and bamboo jungle

Is another perfect seed for checking out the new features. This one has a Mangrove Mansion. This is the first Mansion inside the new biome. Frogs can even appear on top of the Mansion. This Mansion is close to spawn and on the other side, there’s a bamboo jungle. Save the Allays and go on an adventure through the new swamp.

  • Seed: 5454173288014282276
  • Mangrove Mansion: 24 83 366
  • Ruined Portal: 315 64 293

Seed 19 – Double Ancient City and Village

seed 19 double ancient city and village

Is another great double Ancient City seed you’ll spawn. With the mountain valley in front of you. Each of the mountains has a different Ancient City beneath. Head through the valley and you’ll come across a very thin ravine with lava at the bottom jump down and you’ll find yourself in one of the ancient cities.

Amazingly, you can jump down into one of these from the surface as you can see the two Ancient Cities are so close that they’ve combined into one big Mega City. An exposed zombie spawner. If you head through the holes in the mountain you can find a nice village with a Flower Forest.

  • Seed: -769993391253724278
  • Entrance for Double Ancient City: 144 92 -93
  • Village Plains: 269 118 -133

Seed 20 – Multiple Biomes and Exposed Cave

seed 20 multiple biomes and exposed cave

Is the perfect seed for starting your long-term Minecraft 1.19 survival adventure. This seed has some of the best biome diversity at spawn. Mountains Snow, Jungle, Desert, Badlands, Plains, every type of Forest, and even a Mangrove Swamp.

There are some great mountains to check out around spawn including one with a massive exposed cave. There are plenty of villagers’ basement igloos, Temples, and Pillager Outposts. There are a lot of Ancient Cities to find too including one that is right under spawn.

  • Seed: 46942827301
  • Village Plains: -297 79 -327
  • Exposed Cave: 118 66 245
  • Ancient City: -162 -44 -19


What’s your favorite seed for 1.19? What kinds of Minecraft worlds do you build? Any new seeds you would like to see? Here is a collection of cool seeds that were created during 1.19. There are no small seeds or island seeds, just awesome Minecraft seeds you can use in Bedrock Edition.