Download Addon Red’s More Structures

Red’s More Structures Addon adds new structures to (MCPE) Minecraft Bedrock 1.19, making the world a more interesting place with new structures to explore. All structures contain loot, and in some, you can also encounter enemies.

mangrove swamp structure

Update 1.0.5

  • Replacement of Buddha statues by statues not related to religion
  • Added Herobrine statue with loot on the head
  • Improvements to the Grand Oracle by adding multiple enemies
  • Abandoned house improvement removing web that caused witches to get trapped
  • Add witch spawn in flower oracle
  • Added stray spawn in ice Oracle
  • General structure spawn tweaks
  • Fix bug that did not generate structures caused by spawn configuration (high, common, and light)
  • Frog statue removed from swamp biome
  • Changed addon icon

Update 1.0.6

  • Update for Minecraft 1.20
  • Bug fix that prevented it from working in Minecraft 1.20.30
  • Small adjustments to structure distributions


  1. Download the mcpack file.
  2. Double-click to install in your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the addon options, find the Red’s More Structures Behavior Pack.
  4. Enable the Experimental “Creation of Custom Biomes” option.
  5. Start your world.
01 experimental custom biomes

Smartphone Installation

If you have difficulties installing it on your smartphone, it is recommended to use the file manager fx file, explorer. This app recognizes mcpack files to be opened in Minecraft.

fx file explorer

Download Addon Red’s More Structures

Download “Reds More Structures Addon v1.0.6 for Minecraft Bedrock”

Reds_More_Structures_v1.0.6.mcpack – Downloaded 123686 times – 233.88 KB

Download Map (mcworld) with Addon Configured

Map Reds More Structures
🗺️ Download Map for Test – Red’s More Structure

Download Previous Versions

📦 Reds More Structures V1.0.5 📦 Reds More Structures V1.0.4 📦 Reds More Structures V1.0.3 📦 Reds More Structures V1.0.2 📦 All Previous Versions

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