Download Addon Red’s More Structures


  1. Download the mcpack file.
  2. Double-click to install on your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the addon options, find the Red’s More Structures Behavior Pack.
  4. Enable the Experimental “Creation of Custom Biomes” option.
  5. Start your world.

01 experimental custom biomes


If you have difficulties installing on your smartphone, it is recommended to use the file manager fx file explorer.

This app recognizes mcapack files to be opened in Minecraft.

fx file explorer

Update v1.0.1

  • Improved distribution of the Dark Tower
  • Fixed Evoquer not generating in Dark Tower
  • Creeper now spawn in creeper houses
  • Remove spawn of witches from the Jungle Pyramid, as it was very difficult with the skeletons
  • Sword was discreetly smaller to try to avoid being missing parts
  • Change the distribution of Towers in the forests
  • Better distribution of the Abandoned House

Update v1.0.2

frog statue minecraft bedrock

  • the abandoned house now spawns in plains and ice plains
  • jungle pyramid spawns the lowest on earth
  • big oracle changed to spawn in snowy mountains
  • better distribution of oracles
  • better distribution of towers
  • decreased sword size trying to avoid deformations
  • added frog statue in the swamp and mangrove swamp

Download Addon Red’s More Structures

Download “Reds More Structures” Reds_More_Structures_v1.0.2.mcpack – Downloaded 7796 times – 174 KB

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