How to Make a Target Block in Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft player looking for a fun and interactive redstone block, the target block is the perfect addition to your creations. This block emits a redstone signal when hit by most projectiles, including arrows, tridents, and snowballs, and also redirects adjacent redstone dust toward it.

Finding the Target Block in Minecraft

The target block can be found in ancient cities scattered throughout the Minecraft world. Once you have a few target blocks, you can start using them in your redstone circuits.

Crafting the Target Block in Minecraft

If you don’t feel like searching for an ancient city, you can also craft a target block using the recipe below:

  • Redstone Dust
  • Hay Bale
make target block
recipe for target block

Simply combine the two ingredients in a crafting table to create the target block.

How to Use the Target Block in Minecraft

When struck by a projectile, the target block emits redstone power for a short period of time, depending on the type of projectile and where it hits the block. Arrows and tridents cause the block to emit power for a longer period of time, while snowballs and eggs only cause a brief burst of power.

The closer the projectile is to the center of the target block, the stronger the redstone signal that is produced. The strength of the signal ranges from 1 to 15, making it a useful component in more complex redstone circuits.

Additionally, when a target block is hit by a projectile, it provides a block update, allowing an observer to detect if the block has been hit and has produced a redstone signal.


The target block is a useful and fun addition to any Minecraft player’s redstone toolbox. Whether you craft it using a simple recipe or find it in an ancient city, the target block provides unique redstone capabilities that can enhance your creations. So go ahead, experiment with the target block, and see what kind of redstone circuits you can create!