When Minecraft Wild Update Will Be Released

Minecraft is hardly short on content, but that doesn’t stop Mojang Studios from preparing the next major content update for the endlessly expanding creative survival game. The Wild Update is expected to officially launch in late 2022, and development has been ongoing behind the scenes for months. On Wednesday, development entered a new stage with the release of the first full beta of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for The Wild Update.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (.21 for Minecraft Preview), is the first version of the Bedrock Edition that falls under version number “1.19” and The Wild Update. While the version number itself means very little, this build includes an abundance of new features, tweaks and changes, bug fixes, technical updates, and more. It also moves all pre-existing features of The Wild Update from the “Experimental Features” toggle, making them a standard part of the beta experience.

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The main addition of the latest beta is the mangrove biome, one of the new areas coming to Minecraft with The Wild Update. This biome includes the mangrove tree (including a new type of wood), mangrove roots, and brand-new mud blocks. The changelog is extensive, however, and includes much more than a feature addition from The Wild Update.

Minecraft isn’t just one of the best Xbox games; it is also one of the greatest games of all time. The Wild update is coming in late 2022 with a host of new features, but interested players can test the first full beta for the content update now on Xbox, Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Unfortunately, this beta does not include any Xbox Series X Optimization | S, and Wild Update will likely not include it. Despite a recent leak, ray tracing has been confirmed as not coming to Minecraft on Xbox Series X | S in the near future.

Full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta /

Minecraft 1.19 update expected release date

At Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang revealed The Wild Update but only said that it would come out in 2022. Usually, developers announce the exact date once they are confident about the features.

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