Jade Mod for Minecraft Java 1.19.3 – 1.18.2

Jade Mod for Minecraft Java (Fabric and Forge). By just hovering their mice over an entity, players can learn more about it with the Jade Mod (1.19.3 – 1.18.2). Due to the vast quantity of content available in Minecraft, it can occasionally be difficult for newer players to understand what is happening.

Since they have no idea what to do and are too hesitant to investigate, these new gamers frequently feel lost in the large globe.

It’s still quite difficult to play Minecraft the first time around, despite the abundance of information-filled third-party websites and wikis.

However, by focusing their crosshairs on a creature in Jade, players can quickly understand what they are seeing.

Players can quickly understand information such as health, duration, and usefulness of items or blocks because they are displayed in an unmistakable way. Players would no longer have to worry about the unknown.


  • Learning more about an entity by placing crosshairs on it.

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