killing Mobs You Can Die Minecraft Data Pack

Datapack made for version 1.17

killing mobs you can die. It could be negative things like an anvil falling from the sky, lightning near you, arrows, TNT, lava, water.
Or something positive like a speed or healing effect.

Positive effects have a drinking sound.

Demo Video


You can install it in a new world (recommended), or use it in your existing world.

For a new world:

  1. Click on Data Packs.
  2. Click Open Pack Folder.
  3. Copy the zip file to the folder you opened.
  4. Activate the data pack in the Minecraft window.
  5. Create your world.

For an existing world:

  1. Open your world’s save folder.
  2. Copy the zip file to the data pack folder.

Update v1.0.2

  • Added some initial items like sword, shield, bread, bow, and arrow.


Download “killing mobs you can die” – Downloaded 3238 times – 2.93 KB