Easy Blocks Texture Pack Minecraft Java and Bedrock

The Easy Blocks texture pack stays true to Minecraft’s original cartoon look and without any grandiose ambitions, it managed to bring a new look to the game. For many gamers, the 16x resolution of textures in Minecraft vanilla is good enough and it’s that specific detail that gives Minecraft its identity. Sometimes less is more and that’s exactly what Easy Blocks achieves. Using the same texture resolution but changing the textures themselves for clearer visuals, Easy Blocks is a great choice for all gamers who still love basic Minecraft but want to experience a feature pack that enhances the visuals without adding more detail.

montanha easy blocks (pequeno)

Easy Blocks is the latest feature pack. Despite being a relatively new pack, it managed to surpass 10,000 downloads, which is an impressive achievement for this new feature pack. Many textures have been changed in the Easy Blocks resource pack. Textures have had some details removed and now have more solid colors and less detail. At the same time, there is less noise. Each texture is much sharper and the pixels are much better separated. The result is more blocked and cartoony visuals, while everything is sharper and more pleasing to the eye. The textures of all types of blocks have been changed, including diamonds, granite, stone, dirt, and different types of ores.

pantano easy blocks (pequeno)

There are also new paints, new textures for stairs, plants, and new textures for items such as tables, fences, beds, furniture, worktable, and more. What the resource pack doesn’t address is texture binding. There is also no work done on particle effects or animations. The main focus was on texture work, colors, and lighting. The combined effect of all these changes makes the different types of blocks and items much more segregated. Exploration and construction are much more fun with Easy Blocks. Even though almost every texture in the game has been improved, each update brings improvements and redesigns.

Another aspect that was tweaked is the icons. Most of the game’s icons have been tweaked to make them easier to distinguish. This icon segregation is a notable improvement for PvP players. Icons in the HUD and in the inventory are much easier to manage and play with. As the feature pack has 16x resolution and makes no use of advanced features, Easy Blocks does not affect frame rates. Since it doesn’t affect performance and improves the look, making objects easier to distinguish, it’s also a great feature pack for PvP.

Download Textura Easy Blocks Minecraft