MaLiLib Mod for Forge and Fabric – A Shared Code Library

If you’re an avid Minecraft player, chances are you’ve come across mods that require the MaLiLib mod for Forge and Fabric. But what is it exactly, and why is it important? In this article, we’ll dive into the details of MaLiLib and how it works with other mods.

What is MaLiLib?

MaLiLib is a library mod created by masa, containing shared code for client-side Minecraft mods. It includes configuration options, keybind features, GUI code, and other utility functions for mods that use it. Originally created for the LiteLoader versions of the mods, it now has versions available for both Fabric and Forge for Minecraft 1.14.4, 1.18.2 and 1.19.3 and later versions.

How to Install MaLiLib

To install MaLiLib, simply download the correct version from the Files page of the mod website. The file name indicates the mod loader and Minecraft version, so make sure you choose the correct one. For example, the file name “malilib-fabric-1.15.2-0.10.0-dev.20+arne.6.jar” is for the Fabric mod loader and Minecraft version 1.18.2 and 1.19.3.

Mods that Require MaLiLib

Several popular Minecraft mods require MaLiLib, including Item Scroller, Litematica, MiniHUD, TellMe, and Tweakeroo. The required version of MaLiLib will be indicated in the changelog of each dependent mod. It’s important to note that when one mod requires a newer version of MaLiLib, all dependent mods may also need an update if compatibility is affected. Therefore, it’s recommended to update all mods simultaneously to ensure compatibility.

Benefits of Using MaLiLib

Using MaLiLib can provide several benefits for Minecraft mod users, including:

  • Shared code: MaLiLib allows mod creators to share code and resources, reducing redundancy and improving efficiency.
  • Configuration options: MaLiLib includes a comprehensive set of configuration options, making it easier for users to customize mods.
  • Keybind features: MaLiLib includes keybind features, allowing users to easily assign keys to mod functions.
  • GUI code: MaLiLib includes GUI code, making it easier for mod creators to design intuitive user interfaces.
  • Utility functions: MaLiLib includes a variety of utility functions that can be used by mod creators to streamline their code.


MaLiLib is an essential library mod for many Minecraft mods, providing shared code, configuration options, keybind features, GUI code, and utility functions. If you’re using mods that require MaLiLib, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct version installed and to update all mods simultaneously to ensure compatibility. With MaLiLib, mod creators can improve efficiency and streamline their code, resulting in a better experience for Minecraft players.

Download MaLiLib Mod for Forge and Fabric

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