Minecraft Beta & Preview –

The Trails & Tales Update for Minecraft 1.20 is on its way, but in the meantime, the Bedrock edition is receiving a bunch of new experimental features and bug fixes in version One of the new features is the Cherry Grove biome, also known as the cherry blossom biome, which includes pretty Cherry Blossom trees, a new flower called Pink Petals, and a new wood set. Pigs, rabbits, sheep, and bees spawn in this biome.

Other changes include tweaks to the Decorated Pot, a new recipe for the Brush, improvements to Suspicious Sand, and adjustments to the behavior of Camels. There is even a new “You Died!” screen. Minecraft players are encouraged to try out the new features and provide feedback to Mojang at aka.ms/MC120Feedback, and to report any bugs they find at bugs.mojang.com.

minecraft beta preview 1

Experimental Features

  • Cherry Grove
    • New biome with Cherry Blossom trees, Pink Petals, and a new wood set
    • Pigs, rabbits, sheep, and bees spawn there
  • Decorated Pot
    • Tweaked the pot neck based on feedback, now no longer stackable in inventory, and has a base recipe in the Survival recipe book
  • Brush
    • Changed recipe to use a feather, copper ingot, and stick
    • Breaking animations now work when holding a Brush in third person view
    • Added a slight cooldown for particles and sounds when using the Brush item
  • Suspicious Sand
    • No longer waterloggable
    • Now connects to fence blocks and turns into regular sand when destroyed with a Brush
    • Emits particles when broken by Pistons
  • Camel
    • Now stops dashing when entering a rideable entity

Additionally, the ability to sneak under 1.5 block gaps is now behind the Short Sneak toggle.

Features and Bug Fixes

The “Features and Bug Fixes” section of the Minecraft update includes a new “You Died” screen design, with an option to switch back to the old screen. The Accessibility settings now include a glint strength and speed slider, and text-to-speech improvements. Other changes include fixes to gameplay, graphics, touch controls, and user interface, as well as changes to vanilla parity and mob behavior. The /execute and /summon commands have also been updated with new options and bug fixes.

For more information and details, visit the official page.