Trails Data Pack for Minecraft Java


Trails is a data pack for Minecraft Java 1.17 and 1.18 that will leave trails wherever you walk, replacing some blocks for that.

  • This is useful for you to know exactly where you’ve been, and to locate your items after dying.
  • Useful to find your friend in a multiplayer game.

Changes to create the trail:

  • Coarse Dirt over Grass
  • Smooth Sandstone on Sand
  • Andesite on Stone
  • Dirt on Podzol.
  • Gravel on Stone
  • Remove top Snow.

The trail will already be on by default.
You can use functions to turn off or switch between dirt and coarse dirt.

To change Coarse Dirt by Dirt (the tracks turn into grass over time) use the function:

/function trails:dirt

To go back to Coarse Dirt use the function:

/function trails:coarse

To turn it off, use the function:


/function trails:trail_off

trail 3 dirt coarse 2 (800 x 445)


trail 2 snow 3 (800 x 445)

path in taiga

trilhas na montanha (800 x 445)

Download Trails Data Pack for Minecraft Java

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