Modern Furniture Addon For Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE)

If you’re a Minecraft player, you already know how important it is to have a well-decorated and cozy house to call home. And that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the Modern Furniture Addon – a creative decor extension for your game.

What Is the Modern Furniture Addon?

Modern Furniture Addon is a collection of 550+ modern furniture with color variants to decorate your Minecraft home. The aim of this addon is to provide a modern decoration option, without pushing the limits of the game with complex electronic devices or unnecessary polygons.

How to Acquire the Modern Furniture Addon?

You can acquire the Modern Furniture Addon in two ways: in survival mode or in creative mode.

  • In survival mode, just drop a ball of clay into the stone cutter and create a box of whatever theme you like. Then place the box back in the stonecutter to receive the furniture.
  • In creative mode, you can get the furniture by typing “/give @p f:” in the chat box and choosing the item you want from the displayed list.
modern furniture addon for minecraft bedrock mcpe 4

New Blocks are Available!

In addition to furniture, the latest update also includes new types of blocks and other decoration options for your Minecraft home.

Addon Activation

After downloading the addon, make sure to activate it in the “Addons” section in the Minecraft main menu. If errors occur, try clearing the addon’s cache.

modern furniture addon for minecraft bedrock mcpe 3

Download Furniture Addon For Minecraft Bedrock

The Modern Furniture Addon is available in two versions: a full version and a lite version for players who want to keep the game lighter. Download links can be found below:

  • Modern Furniture Updated
    Modern Furniture LITE


With the Modern Furniture Add-on, you can decorate your Minecraft house in style and create a cozy space to call home. Download now and start exploring the decoration options available to you!