No’Mo Useless! (V2) Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

No’Mo Useless! (V2) is a Minecraft addon created by Laiffoo. This small addon adds several tweaks to the game, making it more enjoyable for players. Some of the features of the addon include silverfish dropping raw iron, bats dropping netherwarts, zombies, husks, and drowns avoiding bats, and beetroot soup becoming cheaper.

Additionally, players can now make anvils and rails from copper, and turtles drop 4-5 scutes when they grow up. The addon also introduces new items, such as golden beetroot, enchanted gold ingots, and dragon egg shards that can be made into a new toolset.

The new toolset is strong, fast, and has over 3000 durability. Overall, No’Mo Useless! (V2) is an excellent addon that adds many new features to the game and enhances the Minecraft experience.

Creator: Laiffoo
Versions Supported: 1.19.60

No’Mo Useless Addon Features

🛠️ Silverfish drops Raw Iron
🔥 Raw Blocks can be turned into Blocks with Furnace
🦇 Bats drop Netherwarts
🧟 Zombies, husks, and drowns avoid bats
🗿 Granite, andesite, and diorite (including the polished versions) can be made into stone tools
🥣 Beetroot soup is cheaper
🔨 Anvils can be made from copper and so can rails
🐢 Turtles drop 4-5 Scutes when they grow up
🐐 Goats drop Goat Leather
🥕 Cooked carrots are as good as cooked salmon and can be made with a furnace, smoker, campfire/soul campfire
🥔 Golden beetroot gives jump boost, regeneration, and absorption
🍠 Golden potato gives a lot of saturation
🔮 Enchanted gold ingots are dropped from Piglin brutes and can be made into totems or god apples
🪵 Golden sticks can be made from gold and used to make a new toolset
🥚 Dragon egg shards can be made into a new toolset
🔪 New tool set is really strong and fast and has over 3000 durability
💜 Amethyst crops can give good effects but damage you on eat

Screenshots No’Mo Useless Addon

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  • Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

Download Addon No’Mo Useless

📦 No’Mo Useless Behavior Pack 🎨 No’Mo Useless Resource Pack 🌐 No’Mo Useless Official Page

Install Addons on Minecraft Bedrock

  1. Download the Behavior Pack and Resource Pack *.mcpack files.
  2. Double-click in Behavior Pack and Resource Pack to install in your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the Behavior Packs, find the Addon Behavior Pack.
  4. Enable the Addon Behavior Pack.
  5. Create a new world and in the Resource Packs, find the Addon Resource Pack.
  6. Enable the Addon Resource Pack.
  7. Start your world.
  8. Enjoy the new content!