Anime Bed Overlays Texture Minecraft (Java and Bedrock)


Anime Bed Overlays brings new textures for beds in Minecraft Java and Bedrock. If you’re tired of the normal look of Minecraft beds, you’re a fan of anime, and looking for fancy beds for Minecraft, then you’ll like the Anime Bed Overlays texture pack. This texture pack was created by Itsme64’s.

This pack features 16 different Anime Bed Overlays. One for each color bed. This pack also modifies the bed items to look like the anime bed overlays. See more in this article on how to get cool Minecraft beds.

Minecraft Fancy Bed Images

fancy minecraft bed

cool minecraft bed

Anime Bed Overlays Video Review – Cool Minecraft Bed

Download Anime Bed Overlays Texture Minecraft Java

Anime Bed for Java – Creator External Link


Planet Minecraft Page

Download Anime Bed Overlays Texture Minecraft Bedrock

Anime Bed for Bedrock – Creator External Link

Planet Minecraft Page


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