Efficient Door – Connected Doors For Minecraft Bedrock

If you’re tired of the limitations of vanilla doors in Minecraft Bedrock, you’ll love the Efficient Door addon. This simple addon lets you open two connecting doors simultaneously, making entering and exiting buildings faster and more efficient.

What is the Efficient Door Addon?

The Efficient Door addon is a simple addon that enhances your Minecraft PE gameplay experience by allowing you to open two connecting doors simultaneously. This addon works with all vanilla doors, fence gates, and trapdoors in Minecraft Bedrock.

How to Use the Efficient Door Addon

Using the Efficient Door addon is easy. Simply download and install the addon, then activate it in your Minecraft Bedrock. Once activated, you can open two connecting doors simultaneously by interacting with either door.

This addon needs to enable Beta APIs.

If you want to disable the connected door feature, simply sneak while interacting with the door. This will allow you to interact with only one door at a time, just like in the vanilla game.


In summary, the Efficient Door addon is a must-have for MCPE players who want to streamline their gameplay experience and make door interactions more efficient. With its easy installation and customizable options, this addon is a great addition to any Minecraft Bedrock.

Download the Efficient Door addon today and enjoy faster, more efficient door interactions in Minecraft PE.

Download Efficient Door Addon