Raiyon’s More Vanilla Enchantments Addon

There is not an official Item Enchantments Addon MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition). However, there are many 3rd party mods and addons available for MCPE that add enchantments.

Raiyon’s More Vanilla Enchantments Addon added 14 new unique enchantments for armor and tools! New enchantments are obtained in form of recipe on the Netherite Enchantment Table.

All enchantments can be found in creative together with the other enchanted books.

Pickaxe Enchantments

Smelting: Mined metallic ores are automatically smelted and affected by Fortune and the mined stone is smelted into smooth stone.

Compression: Adds a chance when mining coal ore to get the equivalent diamond resource.

Extraction: Allow you to mine in an area of ​​3×3 netherrack, end stone, deepslate or stone blocks.

Sword Enchantments

Sweeping Edge: Attacking a mob inflicts area damage to mobs near it.

Beehive: Attacks will poison for a few seconds.

Axe Enchantments

Tree Chopper: Bending down and breaking a block of a tree will break it completely.

Shovel Enchantments

Smelting: By mining melts the sand into crystals.

Helmet Enchantments

Undead: Having this enchantment equipped on the helmet will give you qualities of an undead mob, these are such as getting burned by sunlight, when killing a villager turn them into a zombie villager, being attacked by mobs like Iron Golems or Wolves, apart from everything of this not lose saturation and hostile mobs will become neutral.

Soul Lightning: This enchantment makes you emit light around.

Chestplate Enchantments

Vitality: This increases the maximum health, 5 hearts for each level.

Burning Thorns: When receiving a hit from a mob it will burn.

Leggings Enchantments

Ender Sneak: When you sneak you will launch an enderpearl.

Seven Seas: Increases swing speed Under Water

Boots Enchantments

Pyro Walker: Walking on lava will leave a path of stone that will be destroyed over time.(Only Works In Nether)

Slime: You will not receive fall damage and you will bounce when falling.

New Enchantments Recipes




Sweeping Edge


Tree Chopper


Soul Lightning

Vitality I

Vitality II

Burning Thorns

Ender Sneak

Seven Seas

Pyro Walker


Some enchantments can be combined on the netherite enchantment table like:

  • Vitality-Burning Thorns
  • Smelting-Compression
  • Slime-Pyro Walker

How to enchant an item with new enchantments

Only Iron, DIamond, and Netherite Tools Has The New enchantments.

Due to the limitations of minecraft bedrock this has to be through the netherite enchantment table. 

In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed

Download Item Enchantments Addon MCPE