Simple Survival House Minecraft Java and Bedrock

If you are looking for a simple house in Minecraft for survival, here is one. Simple Minecraft survival house to start in survival mode for Minecraft Bedrock and Java. Survival mode in Minecraft is the most common way to experience the game. You can’t think of playing survival mode without a house to protect yourself from all kinds of evil and damage.

Inside the house, you will find tools, weapons, armor, 2 beds, a furnace, food, and other basic items.

Hope you enjoy this map! Have fun!


Images of the java version with BSL_v8 shader.

simple survival house minecraft download

survival house minecraft bedrock

survival house minecraft

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition

For Minecraft Bedrock, run the *.mcworld file.

Download “Simple Survival House Bedrock”

Simple_Survival_House.mcworld – Downloaded 3234 times – 3.46 MB

Download Minecraft Java Edition

For Minecraft Java, unzip the zip file in your Minecraft’s saves folder.

Download “Simple Survival House Java” – Downloaded 2940 times – 6.30 MB