Morph Plus Addon V5 (mod Minecraft PE)

If you are a Minecraft fan and are looking for Morphing Mod for Minecraft PE, then get to know Addon Morph Plus V5, which allows you to turn into any creature that kills. And now, with the latest update, there are even more options to explore.

How to use the Morph Addon?

To open the Morph menu, there are two ways: by sneaking and jumping, and by typing “mm” or “morph menu” on the chat.

Creatures that you can transform

At the moment, there are 33 creatures that you can transform:

Zombie, Husk, Drowned, Zombie Pigman, Enderman, Skeleton, Stray, Wither Skeleton, Creeper, Blaze, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Spider, Iron Golem, Villager, Wolf, Cat, Bat, Slime, Snow Golem, Ghast, Vex, Bee, Horse, Witch, Axolotl, Shulker, Fox, Wither, Allay e Warden.

Remember that each creature has its own skills, weaknesses, and strengths. Some of them are immune to fire and lava, others are ignored by monsters, and others may teleport or fly.

Morph Plus Addon Demo Video

Some Tips

  • You can unlock all mobs on survival mode by typing: “/function unlock_all_morph_mobs” on the chat.
  • You can morph to mob without open morph menu with type M <Mob Name>

Necessary to enable experimental settings

morph plus addon mcpe 2

Additional tips

  • By turning into a zombie, as he kills a village, he will turn into a zombie as well;
  • The common skeleton burns in the sunlight;
  • The cow gives milk;
  • The sheep can be hatched to obtain wool;
  • The chickens lay eggs periodically;
  • The iron golem is large, strong, and resistant to damage. He is the guardian of the villages and protects his inhabitants;
  • The wolf is a loyal companion who can be domesticated with bones;
  • The cat is an independent pet that scares the creepers;
  • The slime divides into several minors when it dies;
  • The ghast can fly and is immune to fire and lava;
  • Snow golem shoots snowballs;
  • The bee can be domesticated with flowers;
  • The horse can be mounted;
  • The witch plays magical potions;
  • Axolotl is a cuddly aquatic animal that can help you breathe underwater;
  • Warden is a frightening creature that attacks hard.


Morph Plus is a fun Addon that allows you to try different game creatures. You can turn into a cow and give milk, or a skeleton and shoot arrows. Each creature has its own skills and advantages, so explore the world of Minecraft with Morph Plus! So what are you waiting for? Download Addon and start transforming!

Download Morph Plus Addon

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