Best 9 Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 Caves and Cliffs

What are the best Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18? In this article, I will list 9 beautiful seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 Caves and Cliffs. After the Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft biomes brought many new features, making the game much more beautiful.

To use a seed, simply select the option to create a new world. Scroll down to the Seed field and then enter your seed value, which you can find examples of below. Type out your seed, making sure to include the minus symbol if there is one.

If you’re playing in survival mode, just follow the tips on how to get the exact coordinate indicated in each seed in this post. Keep reading to see the best seeds for Minecraft PE.

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Table of Contents

1 – Small Lusch Caves in Jungle and Village in the Savanna

1 small lush in jungle and village in the savanna

Seed: -2082307691

Spawn: 0, 83, 0

Close to where you were born, it’s to coordinate -4, 73, -34. It’s the entrance to the cave.

best seeds minecraft bedrock

good seed mcpe

Not far away you can find a village in the savannah. There is a large cave to be explored close by.

bests seeds minecraft pe

2 – Beautiful Village Near the Mountains

2 beautiful village near the mountains

Seed: -927265586

Spawn: 55, 65, -124

Before reaching this mountain village, you can find 3 more villages on the way.

Head towards the coordinate -358, 96, 390 to find a Taiga village.

village seed minecraft windows 10

Continue in the same direction to find the second Taiga village. At coordinate -359, 95, 740.

village taiga minecraft bedrock

Going in the same direction, you will find the third village, this time in the mountains of flowers. At coordinate -447, 135, 1188.Where you can see our target village in the background.

cool seed minecraft bedrock mountain

And finally at the coordinate -656, 131, 1200, the beautiful village near the mountain peaks.

beautiful mountain mcpe seed

3 – Small Lush Mountain Cave

3 small lush mountain cave

Seed: -941660892

Spawn: 167, 86, -69

This small Lush cave exposed on the mountain will be at coordinate -144, 194, -1417. Despite being beautiful, it doesn’t have much to explore.

However, in the jungle, there is a very large Lush Cave. follow coordinate -350, 66, -1429 to find the entrance.

lush cave seed

lush cave seed mcpe

4 – Being Born In The Cave

4 being born in the cave

Seed: -5310705

Spawn: 0, 24, 0

Here you will be born inside a large cave, where you can explore and find many ores.

After collecting your ores, you can still find 2 villages nearby.

At coordinate 181, 87, -374, you can find the first village, with mountain peaks at the bottom.

plains seed for minecraft windows 10

The second village will be at coordinate 756, 110, -402.

village and mountains minecraft pe seed

5 – 3 Villas and 1 Pillager post

Seed: 1998869210

Spawn: 28, 108, 48

The first village will be at coordinate 124, 102, 50. Arriving at this village, you can see the Pillager post in the background.

5 3 villas and 1 pillager post

The second village will be at coordinate -258, 89, 167.

best village

The third village will be at coordinate 634, 87, 158.

plains village minecraft 1.18

6 – Villages in the Mountains of Flowers

Seed: 1851701149

Spawn: 0, 120, 0

In this seed, you can find 4 nearby villages.

Arriving at this village on the plain, at coordinates 701, 76, 241 you will be able to see a village in the mountains in the background.

plains village mcpe seed

This second village in the mountains of flowers will be at coordinate 659, 112, 577.

meadow village mcpe

This third village in the forest mountains will be at coordinate 1133, 128, 565.

mountain village seed

And the fourth village, in the mountain with many flowers, is at coordinate 1781, 129, 752.

meadow seed minecraft bedrock

7 – Huge Dripstone Cave

7 huge dripstone cave

Seed: -780897292

Spawn: 0, 63, 0

You will be born on the plain, but go to coordinates 10, 28, 129 to find a huge Dripstone Cave.

dripstone cave seed

cave minecraft

8 – Mountain Peaks and Dripstone Cave

Seed: 1031927141

Spawn: 0, 100, 32

At coordinate 121.69, -390, you will find a village with Mountains in the background.

8 mountain peaks and dripstone cave

At coordinates 555, 199, 240 you will find ice mountain peaks.

mountain peaks mcpe

At coordinate 670, 192, 444 you will find a Pillager post.

pillager outpost

And below you can see an entrance that will lead you to a large Dripstone cave.

dripstone seed

9 – Lush Cave near Vila Taiga

Seed: -2074706001

Spawn: 0, 84, 0

At coordinates 175, 77, 293, you can find a village on the plain.

Lush Cave near Vila Taiga

At coordinate -296, 85, -818, you can find a Taiga village.

taiga village

Very close to the village, at coordinate -295 73, -1051, you can find an entrance to Lush Cave.

taiga cave

lush cave in taiga

Best beautiful seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18 Caves and Cliffs.

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